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Edited by Jerry Clifford

MRJ Issue 274
  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Modelu adds 8 figures to the Pendon Collection, produces early LSWR point rodding rollers in 4mm and 7mm, and adds 4mm and 7mm pipe fitting and fixtures to the Architectural Fittings range; The 2mm Scale Association release an updated version of their beginners guide (Getting Started in 2mm Finescale) and a 2FS trial pack that includes everything needed to make a wagon as well as a scale length 60ft section of Easitrac

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Bluebell Summit in N Gauge

    Andrew Bartlett



    Andrew Bartlett describes how he built his N gauge layout Bluebell Summit

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts

  • Life After Bradfield: Introducing Leeds City Wellington

    John Elliott



    John Elliott continues the story from MRJ 272

    John Elliott's Bradfield Gloucester Square made quite an impact when it appeared in the pages of MRJ issues 216 to 218. Here was a layout based on authentic operation and it developed quite a following both on-line and through its all too brief exhibition appearances. However, the follow-on is Leeds City Wellington which now forms a permanent layout being developed at John's home.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, interviews, layout design, layouts

  • A Chassis for the Hornby Peckett

    Paul Bannerman


    4mm/EM, 4mm/P4

    Paul Bannerman describes building the GA Models chassis for the Hornby Peckett W4 0-4-0 Saddle tank

    Tags: chassis, RTR / kit conversions, steam locomotives

  • Cameo Gems


    Photographs of Paul Ash's Hembourne, an archetypal GWR branchline set in the early 1930s, and Chris Matthew's bleak Bottom Works, a set of exchange sidings off the ex-GC Wath branch in the 1970s - both entrants in the recently concluded Cameo competition

    Tags: layouts, photography

  • Theatre and Model Railways

    Giles Favell


    Giles Favell describes how he uses theatrical ideas and philosophies to lighting his layouts

    Tags: layout design, layouts, lighting

  • Cavan and Leitrim no. 22L

    Simon de Souza



    The Plastikard wagon which featured in the picture of Simon de Souza's natty little brush rest feature in MRJ 266 generated a great deal of interest, so we asked him to give us an account of how he built the latest vehicle to roll off his bench, Cavan and Leitrim No. 22L (formerly Tralee and Dingle No. 5T)

    Tags: brake vans, Cavan & Leitrim Railway, kits, RTR / kit conversions, scratchbuilding, Tralee & Dingle Railway

  • GWR Delivery Lorry

    Jerry Clifford


    Photograph of a GWR delivery lorry (ex-army AEC 3.5ton) taken adjacent to the goods shed at Warminster on the GWR's Westbury, Salisbury line

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, photography, road vehicles

  • Midland in Bristol

    Richard Ellis



    When we first saw the work of Richard Ellis we were bowled over. The meticulous composition, attention to detail and exquisite use of colour and texture are sublime, resulting in a model dripping in atmosphere. Richard has discussed the construction of various aspects of the model already in the pages of MRJ and will hopefully contribute further in the future.

    Here he looks at the inspiration behind his award-winning model and the journey upon which it has taken him.

    Tags: layouts, MR / Midland Railway

  • Slow Modelling - an alternative way forward

    Maurice Hopper


    Maurice Hopper considers some alternative views of railway modelling. Starting from the belief that human beings have a need to make things, he suggests the tendency to commission components for our modelling production is contrary to the benefits if being mindfully engaged in the process of making a model.

    As one who has been 'playing' with model trains on and off for 65 years, he reviews his modelling activities with some criteria not often found in modelling circles.

    Tags: scratchbuilding, techniques

  • Mike Sharman 1933-2019

    Iain Rice


    Mike Sharman obituary

    Tags: obituaries