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Edited by Karl Crowther

MRJ Issue 272
  • Small Suppliers Forum


    Gordon Ashton announces a 4mm (EM and P4) etched nickel-silver chassis kit for the Hornby 0-4-0 Peckett; Developed by Frank Davies for the Shipley MRS Clayton project, a kit for a GNR/LNER Q1 0-8-0 is now available from London Road Models; Ambis Engineering announces 3D printed acrylic fishplates for 4mm scale to fit code 75 b/h rail

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  • Thurlstone - a depiction of The Great Central in Yorkshire

    Kevan Greenhalgh



    When we saw photos of Kevan Greenlagh's OO finescale Thurlstone we were greatly impressed at the atmospheric quality of the modelling, beautifully capturing the era of Edwardian excellence. Having dispatched Karl to do a photo shoot, Kev gives us a guided tour through some of the scenes depicted and describes some of his modelling techniques.

    Tags: GCR / Great Central Railway, layout design, layouts

  • 08 Backdate - an update

    Richard Dunning



    In MRJ 126, Tim Shackleton detailed a resin bodyshell for the Southern Railway diesel shunter Produced by Golden Arrow Productions. Jere, Richard Dunning has taken one and built a chassis to go under it as well.

    Tags: chassis, diesel locomotives, kits, RTR / kit conversions, scratchbuilding, SR / Southern Railway

  • Roy Jackson 1942-2019

    Geoff Kent


    Roy Jackson obituary

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  • Life after Bradfield - Introducing Leeds City Wellington

    John Elliott



    John Elliott's Bradfield Gloucester Square made quite an impact when it appeared in the pages of MRJ issues 216 to 218. Here was a layout based on authentic operation and it developed quite a following both on-line and through its all too brief exhibition appearances. However, the follow-on is Leeds City Wellington which now forms a permanent layout being developed at John's home.

    With the experience of Bradfield, this is, as one might expect, very much a layout inspired by prototype practice and John and his team have gone to great lengths to research the station and its associated train workings. We are delighted he has agreed to give us some background, interview-style, to how the layout came about and how the project is developing.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, interviews, layout design, layouts

  • Scratch Building Techniques

    Trevor Hughes


    A chance encounter led to a discussion on scratch building and a realisation that in the light of excellent RTR products and ongoing technological developments within the hobby, there is a concern that these skills are gradually being lost to modellers. However, we firmly believe that such techniques still have a valuable role to play in our activities.

    Trevor Hughes is an avid scratch builder - a member of Manchester MRS 2mm scale team responsible for 'Chee Tor', an exhibitor at MRJ Central Hall in 1990, and a long-term collaborator with Peter Kazer, whose excellent work has featured recently in these pages. Here, Trevor outlines some of his methods of working with sheet metal and gives some advice on gears and gearboxes.

    Tags: gearboxes, scratchbuilding, techniques

  • Meldon Viaduct in 4mm scale

    Robin Ashley



    We welcome Robin Ashley as a new contributor to the pages of MRJ with the fascinating account of this impressive civil engineering structure he has built for his 'Hawkhurst' layout.

    Tags: bridges, scratchbuilding

  • K Class Manning Wardle

    Karl Crowther



    Karl Crowther builds an RT Models kit

    Tags: industrial, kits, steam locomotives