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  • A Fiddle Yard Turntable

    Jol Wilkinson

    Issue 214 (2012)



    A turntable for the London Road fiddle yard.

    Tags: layouts, LNWR / London & North Western Railway, scratchbuilding, turntables

  • A Turntable for Ilfracombe in 'N'

    Martin Moss

    Issue 203 (2010)



    Over a number of years Martin Moss has been called upon by several members of Salisbury and South Wilts Railway Society to make them a turntable. The following pictures, with captions, describe the methods used.

    Tags: turntables

  • GER Turntable

    Trevor Nunn

    Issue 89 (1996)



    Trevor Nunn scratchbuilds a working turntable for his 'East Lynn' layout. The model itself is S scale, but the techniques are widely applicable.

    Tags: turntables

  • Large Diameter Turntable Well

    Monty Wells, Sid Stubbs, Norman Dale

    Compendium 2 (1994)



    Norman Dale, who submitted this article shortly before his death at the age of 78, needed a big turntable to cope with his 0-8-0 tender engines - so big, in fact, that the well was beyond is turning capacities. In typical style, he devised a hand-built well based on a small center made in his metal-working lathe and cut out using a simple radius cutter. We pass it on here for the wider benefit, with special thanks to Norman's good friend Sid Stubbs, for his help in preparing these notes, and to Monty Wells, for making the drawings from rough sketches.

    Tags: scratchbuilding, turntables

  • Modelling a G.W.R. 55ft Turntable

    Tony Reynalds

    Issue 11 (1986)



    Recently commissioned into service at Pendon, and receiving wide acclaim, is the turntable at Pen Tor Road locomotive shed. Built by Tony Reynalds, this 4mm scale creation is modelled on an original at Kingswear in South Devon and is described here in an MRJ report.

    Tags: turntables

  • NER Cowans Sheldon 50ft Turntable

    John Wright

    Issue 25 (1988)



    Distinguished North Eastern modeller John Wright details the design and construction of a typical small turntable for Newcastle Model Railway Club's P4 layout.

    Includes detailed scale drawings and construction diagrams.

    Tags: drawings / plans, NER / North Eastern Railway, scratchbuilding, turntables

  • No. 1 Shop: Matters Arising

    Iain Rice

    Issue 14 (1987)


    General discussion relating to No. 1 Shop projects and correspondence. Availability of motors. Temperature controlled soldering irons. Turntable operation.

    Tags: motors, No. 1 Shop, soldering, turntables