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  • A Tricky Operation

    Trevor Pott

    Issue 228 (2014)



    Trevor Pott briefly describes how he modified the livery on a 4mm GWR Dia C67 coach originally built by Rodney Cooper and previously owned by Mike Casey.

    Tags: coaches, GWR / Great Western Railway, livery / liveries, techniques, transfers

  • Home-made transfers

    Trevor Pott

    Issue 99 (1997)


    The small lettering usually applied to the solebars of coaches and some wagons, giving dimensions, weight and other vital statistics, is a detail often overlooked by modellers. But not wishing to be defeated by such little things, Trevor Pott set about producing hand-painted transfers to decorate his models' nether regions.

    Tags: detailing, paints / painting, rolling stock, techniques

  • No. 1 Shop: Tackling Ornate Liveries in 4mm scale

    Robin Arkinstall

    Issue 3 (1985)



    Painting and lining the Wills SECR 'H' class 0-4-4T kit.

    Tags: kits, lining / lettering, livery / liveries, No. 1 Shop, paints / painting, pre-grouping, SE&CR / SECR / South Eastern & Chatham Railway, steam locomotives, techniques, transfers

  • Pow-Wow

    Barry Norman

    Issue 107 (1998)



    The tricky job of numbering & lettering rolling stock is eased using Powsides transfers.

    Tags: detailing, lining / lettering, product reviews

  • Simple Gear Meshing

    Bob Isgar

    Issue 67 (1993)


    Bob Isgar explains a home-made device which meshes gears and transfers the centres accurately to the workpiece.

    Tags: gearboxes, tools

  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 2 (1985)


    Saltford Models - 'Brave Little Engines' 009 locomotives. Kay Newman / Formcraft / Scalefour Society - 18.83mm track kit. Roy C. Link - 7mm Simplex. Richard Tarpey - 4mm & 7mm LNER, GER & GNR wagon transfers. Impetus - etched industrial locomotive kits.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 3 (1985)


    Replica Railways - 4mm modern outline detailing fittings. Woodhead Models - P.O. pressfix transfers. Alan Gibson - takes over 4mm track kit.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 19 (1988)


    Sharman - ending wheel production and moving into scratchbuilding. Side Lines - 4mm painted LMS coach sides. Kingdom Models - 4mm etched NBR N15 chassis. MJT - 4mm finescale components. Woodhead Models - modern outline transfers. S and D Models - 7mm charabanc. CCW - 7mm wagon chassis kit.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 20 (1988)


    Sharman Wheels - production transferred to new owners. Dapol - finescale developments. Roy C. Link - 4mm narrow gauge wagons. Andrew McCracken - 4mm Scottish wagon equipment. Impetus - bee-stripe and chevron transfers for 4mm/7mm industrial locomotives. A.F.Hammond - 4mm GWR chassis kits. DJB Engineering - 7mm LMS coach parts. Greenwood Electronics - portable soldering iron. Corgi 'Classics' - 7mm AEC cabover box lorry.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 23 (1988)


    Ron Cadman - reduction of range. RJH - Cavalier Coaches. George Norton - 'Cauliflower' kit. Compass Models - Stanier 0-4-4 tank kit. Howes of Oxford - windscreen wiper mouldings. Model Bus Co. - LTGL 'TF' single decker. Track construction book. Modellers' lathes. Modern prototype transfers. 7mm figures. Isinglass - LNER drawings. Andy Mullins - rolling stock and components. Eastwell Iron Works - corrugated iron. Caley Coaches - class 498 0-6-0 4mm kit. 7mm scale track.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum