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  • A home for your layout

    Martin Goodall

    Issue 226 (2013)


    Marthin Goodhall addresses the issue of town and country planning that might be required to build a home for your layout.

    Tags: layout design, storage

  • A Self-Indicating Electric Buffer

    J Douglas Smith

    Issue 168 (2006)


    J Douglas Smith makes a well-tried device more user-friendly.

    Tags: electrics / electronics, storage, track / trackwork / PW / Permanent Way

  • Shedcase

    Paul Karau

    Issue 109 (1999)


    A self contained display unit with authentic setting.

    Start of a MRJ competition.

    Tags: dioramas, storage

  • Storage from Scandinavia

    Peter Kirmond

    Issue 122 (2000)


    Peter Kirmond finds a neat solution to an age-old problem.

    Ikea plywood drawer unit for storage.

    Tags: storage

  • The fiddle yard for Grove Ferry Junction

    Robin Fielding

    Issue 199 (2010)



    It has become something of a tradition for fiddle yards on S Scale layouts to be hidden. This does, however, restrict the kind of system that can be used, as often the buildings screening the front can get in the way of the moving tracks. However, the approach that Robin Fielding is describing here allows the tracks to slide back and forth, and then at the end of an operating session the whole cassette can be pulled forward and turned around, ready to start again. A rather clever idea, me thinks!

    Tags: minimum space, storage

  • Traversing on the brink

    Bev Lowery, Dave Lowery

    Issue 9 (1986)


    The run-round loop, vital to the operation of most termini, invariably occupies much of the available space. However, the 'Bevleys' traverser provides a means of combining much of the run-round loop with off-stage storage, thus saving much valuable space and offering a whole range of possibilities for compressing lengthy track layouts. Bev Lowery explains how she and her husband Dave solved their run-round problem and made operating conditions a little easier on their superb 4mm layout.

    Tags: baseboards, layout design, storage

  • Variations for Fiddle

    Chris Pendlenton

    Issue 27 (1988)



    Chris Pendlenton tries to justify another idiosyncratic approach, this time to the twin problem of storage yards and stock handling. Despite his own reservations, it is an idea that is already being enthusiastically taken up.

    Cassette storage system alternative to conventional fiddle yard solutions.

    Tags: storage, track / trackwork / PW / Permanent Way