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  • A Bit More Like The Real Thing

    Martin McDermott

    Issue 240 (2015)



    Inspired by the imaginative approach of Chris Pendleton writing in MRJ about his fully sprung Deltic, Martin McDermott, fearing that it would be too difficult for him, headed in his own direction, and designed his own fully sprung bogie with individual traction motors. Here he tells us what happened, and about the lessons he learned, in his quest to make his award-winning Scale 7 class 37, which we featured in MRJ 226, run with power and grace.

    Concluded in issue 241.

    Tags: chassis, diesel locomotives, springing

  • A Sprung Bachmann A1

    Pete Hill

    Issue 203 (2010)



    It was fully 18 months that passed between Pete Hill being asked to review the then forthcoming Brassmasters EasiChas for the Bachmann A1, and try it out on the extensive EM tracks of Retford, simply because Brassmasters were having real difficulty getting the etches made to their satisfaction and the level of accuracy they required. However, how it does exactly what it does on the tin!

    Fold-up sprung chassis for the Bachmann RTR model.

    Tags: chassis, compensation / suspension, product reviews, springing, steam locomotives

  • Better than Compensation?

    Bob How

    Issue 72 (1994)



    Bob How tries a new leaf-spring system on his 4mm wagons - and accepted wisdom goes out of the window.

    Masokits sprung W-irons

    Tags: chassis, compensation / suspension, product reviews, springing, wagons

  • Bloater Underframe

    Andrew Lambert

    Issue 76 (1995)



    Andrew Lambert puts all the little bones back into a Bloater, using a Masokits 4mm underframe kit and the Parkside plastic body.

    Tags: chassis, GWR / Great Western Railway, kits, springing, vans

  • Quick P4 conversions of R-T-R wagons

    Ray Hammond

    Issue 155 (2004)



    Ray Hammond describes a painless way of adding springing to proprietary models.

    Tags: compensation / suspension, techniques, wagons

  • Scratchbuilt LSWR Dropside in 7mm

    Dave Gosling

    Compendium 3 (1997)



    Taking inspiration from the prototype's performance characteristics, Dave Gosling devised, among other things, an invisible, independent springing system for his exquisitely detailed South Western three-planker.

    Diagram 1301, 10 ton, 3-plank dropside wagon.

    Tags: LSWR / London & South Western Railway, scratchbuilding, wagons

  • Simple springs and split axles

    Allan Sibley

    Issue 143 (2003)


    In my article on the construction of the High Level Kit for Stagshaw (MRJ N0. 129) I referred to the use of a simple springing system, and to the fact that I had opted for split-axle current collection. That article dealt with the construction of one specific kit, so in this one I describe the methods and materials I use in most locomotives I build these days.

    Tags: chassis, compensation / suspension, locomotives

  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 32 (1989)


    Keilcraft; Routemaster bus and Edinburgh standard tram, 4mm plastic kits. Branchlines; Tralee & Dingle 2-6-0T kit in 4mm and 7mm slim-line gearbox. Rail Researcher 1987; railway related magazine reference book. Carr's; weathering powders. Bill Bedford; various etches for handwheels, mileposts, wagon brake gear, fan grilles for class55, LNWR, NER & Caley number plates, 7mm 'W' irons, coach springing units. LNWR Society; carriage handbook. Hornby; Zero-1 Technical Guide & Tutorial. S&D Models; 7mm kit for 'old class1 Manning Wardle 0-6-0ST.MJT; SR DeMU class 205 kit

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 231 (2014)


    Prickly Pear Products introduces 4mm scale wagon W-irons which are a cross between compensation and springing; London Road Models have added several former D&S kits to their range - L&Y 10t 4-wheel brake van 'tin tab', L&Y 20t 4-wheel brake van, L&Y 20t 6-wheel brake van, MR 20t 6-wheel brake van, MR ballast brake van, L&Y 21ft CCT (Diag 113) and NSR horsebox (Diag. 6); Kenneth Clark has introduced a range of loco crew in 3.5mm scale

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Speedy Stock Suspension

    Bob Barlow

    Issue 9 (1986)


    4mm/P4, 4mm/EM

    One of the things that drew Bob Barlow towards P4 was the sight of a slowly rolling train of wagons with daylight flickering between the spokes, unencumbered by oversize flanges. Finescale wheels need help to stay on the rails, but it need not be a hard job.

    Overview of various methods of wagon suspension/compensation and the available components, including Scalefour Society rocking W-irons, Locomotion pivot units, and Hammond springing units.

    Tags: chassis, compensation / suspension, components, wagons, wheels