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  • 4mm Finescale Grows Up

    Joe Brook-Smith

    Issue 9 (1986)



    Scalefour Society founder member and finescale pioneer Joe Brook-Smith - widely known for the track-building system which bears his name - traces the developments which led inexorably to P4 standards and the schism which created the society.

    Tags: scales / gauges, societies

  • A Grand Day Out

    Mick Simpson

    Issue 243 (2015)


    Tea, cakes and turnouts, Mick Simpson reports.

    Mick reports on a recent all-day session held by the 2mm Scale Association during which members built one of the new turnout kits.

    Tags: exhibitions / events, societies

  • A monority Scale Preserved

    Richard Pope

    Issue 156 (2005)



    Richard Pope, Secretary of The 3mm Society, marks an important milestone in the history of the organisation that presents itself as 'a cross between a preservation group and a co-operative'

    Tags: scales / gauges, societies

  • A Spooner Album

    Issue 151 (2004)


    A selection of archive illustrations, including phtographs taken by R. H. Bleasdale, of the Festiniog Railway presented in a book published by RCL Publications for the Festiniog Railway Historical Society

    Tags: books / publications, Ffestiniog / Festiniog Railway, product reviews, societies

  • Challis Chalice

    Chris Kedgley

    Issue 163 (2005)



    P4 layout-building competition is a triumph for the Scalefour Societ

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  • From the Modeller's Armchair: Alive, alive-o!

    Richard Sharpe

    Issue 14 (1987)



    Is 0 gauge all stuffed shirts and tinplate, or something far better? Richard Sharpe ponders the scale - and its image.

    Tags: From the Modeller's Armchair, scales / gauges, societies

  • Joining the EM Gauge Society

    Issue 15 (1987)


    Details of how to join and members' benefits.

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  • Modellers of Stature

    Mike Peascod

    Issue 203 (2010)


    The Cumbrian Railways Association Pochin/Shillcock Collection of Historic Models

    Tags: biography, societies

  • Perpetrating Pampisford

    Geraint Hughes

    Issue 9 (1986)



    The life and works of a Scalefour Society Area Group - Cambridge area in this case - by Geraint Hughes.

    Background on the formation and development of the Scalefour Society's Cambridge Area Group and their exhibition layout, Pampisford.

    Tags: layout design, societies

  • S Scale: Historic and Challenging

    Norman Pattenden

    Issue 47 (1991)



    It's the oldest 'scale' society in the world, and probably still one of the smallest. Norman Pattenden, secretary of the S Gauge Model Railway Society, explains its background and specialised attractions.

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