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  • A low relief backscene for Bucks Hill

    Paul Bambrick

    Issue 238 (2015)



    Designing a backscene when a layout is already nearing completion is not exactly an ideal situation, but that is when Paul Bambrick stepped in at Bucks Hill to do just that.

    Tags: backscenes, GWR / Great Western Railway, layouts, scenery

  • A Vegetable Plot in 4mm Scale

    Chris Pilton

    Issue 5 (1986)



    Not everyone will necessarily put this much effort into creating just one tiny lineside feature, but to do justice to the fine standards of wheels, track and other high fidelity equipment used by so many modellers today, it is worth paying more attention to the rest of the scene. Lineside allotments were a familiar feature on spare land at most country stations so Chris Pilton's description of how he built this outstanding vegetable plot could be very useful to a great many readers. He believes that anyone can achieve similar results with a little patience and observation of the prototype.

    Tags: scenery

  • A Winter's Landscape

    Barry Norman

    Issue 123 (2000)


    Barry Norman describes his methods of producing the bare bones of winter trees.

    Tags: scenery, scratchbuilding

  • A Working Wagon Tippler

    Tony Wilkins

    Issue 259 (2017)



    Tony Wilkins describes the wagon tippler on his S4 layout Green Street

    Tags: goods yards, lineside details, scenery, scratchbuilding

  • An English Elm

    Barry Norman

    Issue 260 (2018)


    Barry Norman uses a Wire Tree Armature kit to create an English elm

    Tags: kits, scenery, scratchbuilding, trees

  • Blea Moor: The Hill

    Peter Kirmond

    Issue 151 (2004)



    Peter Kirmond captures the vastness of the Pennine moorland in 4mm scale.

    Tags: layouts, scenery

  • Boxes, Crates and Barrels

    Richard Ellis

    Issue 264 (2018)



    Richard Ellis describes how he made various boxes, crates and barrels for his 7mm Monk's Gate layout

    Tags: lineside details, scenery, scratchbuilding

  • Bridge on the River Ply

    Jas Millham

    Issue 91 (1996)



    A 3mm model of a classic East Anglian bridge.

    Tags: bridges, scenery, water / waterways

  • Bucks Hill - The Scenic Elements

    Kevin Wilson

    Issue 169 (2006)



    Having built the baseboards for his new 7mm layout, Kevin Wilson could turn his attention to the scenic features. The first priority was to lay the grass - acres and acres of it.

    Tags: scenery

  • Bucks Hill - The Scenic Niceties

    Kevin Wilson

    Issue 174 (2007)



    Kevin Wilson adds the fine detail to his carpet-underlay grass.

    Tags: layouts, scenery