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  • Miniature Modelling

    Nick Ridgway

    Issue 236 (2015)



    Photographs of the late Tony Miles's 1.5mm/ft models

    Tags: coaches, GWR / Great Western Railway, road vehicles, scales / gauges, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • Modelling British Outline in H0

    Malcolm Carlsson

    Issue 59 (1992)


    Back in the 1920s, when the 'experts' were making such a hash of commercial scales and gauges, Malcolm Carlsson saw 'Half 0' - 3.5mm scale on 16.5mm track - as the simplest, purest and most sensible combination for small scale model railways. Sixty years on, he's still building British outline models in H0 - out of step with most of the rest of us, but in line with the rest of the world! However, whilst most foreign modellers can get their equipment straight off the shelves, building British prototypes in H0 calls for ingenuity, skill and a touch of the old pioneer spirit - in short, the individualistic approach that provides the all-important challenge to British finescallers of every description.

    Tags: reference, scales / gauges

  • No. 1 Shop: Matters Arising

    Iain Rice

    Issue 9 (1986)



    Debunking some of the myths about P4.

    Tags: No. 1 Shop, scales / gauges

  • Scale and Gauge in Proportion

    Joe Brook-Smith

    Issue 39 (1990)


    The proliferation of designations dreamed up by modellers working to varying degrees of prototype accuracy has done little to help newcomers and novices in the hobby, but the problem is much older than that. Joe Brook SMith - famous for the finescale track-building system which bears his name - is a serious student of model railway history and explains how the 'domino effect' of compromise and confusion has landed us in our present mess. He offers some aids to understanding and some pointers to a simpler future.

    Tags: scales / gauges

  • The Belfast Caboose

    Desmond Browne

    Issue 199 (2010)



    Isn't S Scale quite big in America? This was a question I was frequently asked on my exhibition tours with Lydham Heath. I suppose I should have known the answer, but didn't; however, I had heard of the 'American Flyer' which I understood to be an early 'ready to run' model. I wondered who had started S Scale, hoping of course, that it was on this side of the ocean, so I asked Desmond Browne to put the whole story into context.

    Tags: scales / gauges, societies

  • The Groves and Rydes Vale

    Nigel Cliffe

    Issue 185 (2008)


    2mm/2mm FS

    Bert Groves died earlier this year. Nigel Cliffe assesses the contribution of a pioneering father-and-son team whose 50-year legacy continues to underpin 2mm finescale modelling.

    Tags: biography, scales / gauges

  • The Joy of S

    Simon Dunkley

    Issue 199 (2010)



    Believing that there are many good reasons for modelling in S Scale, Simon Dunkley argues the case for this imperial scale.

    Tags: scales / gauges

  • The North Cornwall Railway in 2FS

    John Greenwood

    Issue 235 (2014)


    2mm/2mm FS

    John Greenwood takes a retrospective look at nearly half a century of progress in this tiny scale

    Tags: layouts, scales / gauges

  • The S Scale Model Railway Society

    Andy May

    Issue 199 (2010)



    Founded as the 'Half-One Model Railway Society' in 1946, Andy May takes us back to the beginnings of the 3/16in scale modelling in the 19th Century.

    Tags: scales / gauges, societies

  • Twenty-one years in EM

    Barry Norman

    Issue 15 (1987)



    Barry Norman - of 'Petherick' fame - takes a stroll through his finescale modelling career, pointing out some landmarks along the way.

    Tags: biography, scales / gauges