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  • 4mm Finescale Grows Up

    Joe Brook-Smith

    Issue 9 (1986)



    Scalefour Society founder member and finescale pioneer Joe Brook-Smith - widely known for the track-building system which bears his name - traces the developments which led inexorably to P4 standards and the schism which created the society.

    Tags: scales / gauges, societies

  • A monority Scale Preserved

    Richard Pope

    Issue 156 (2005)



    Richard Pope, Secretary of The 3mm Society, marks an important milestone in the history of the organisation that presents itself as 'a cross between a preservation group and a co-operative'

    Tags: scales / gauges, societies

  • A New Deal for 'O' Gauge

    Barry Norman

    Issue 166 (2006)



    Barry Norman has been watching Kevin Wison's 31mm gauge layout grow from sketchbook to impeccably finished item. As a prelude to a series of constructional articles, he explains why he believes Bucks Hill is such a significant step forward in 7mm scale railway modelling.

    Tags: layouts

  • An O Gauge Convert Confesses

    Bob Essery

    Issue 1 (1985)



    Author, enthusiast and modeller par excellence Bob Essery explains how, with the passage of time, his modelling interests have grown upwards in size and backwards in time.

    Bob charts the development of his modelling 'career' from 00, through EM, to P4 (and the construction of 'Heckmondwike') to his 'conversion' to O gauge, his preference for the pre-grouping era and his initial plans for a 7mm model based around Dewsbury.

    Tags: layout design, MR / Midland Railway, pre-grouping, scales / gauges

  • Broad Gauge Tank

    Morgan Gilbert

    Issue 248 (2016)



    Photograph and brief description of Morgan Gilbert's GWR '3501' Class 2-4-0T 4mm scale loco built from a Broad Gauge Society kit

    Tags: broad gauge, GWR / Great Western Railway, kits, steam locomotives

  • Corris

    Peter Kazer

    Issue 66 (1993)



    After many years spent learning the narrow gauge ropes, Peter Kazer finally lit upon the perfect prototype to model: Corris. Then he went and chose an unusual non-commercial scale, setting himself up for a decade of scratchbuilding.

    Tags: Corris Railway, layouts, narrow gauge

  • Croft

    Mike Palmer

    Issue 242 (2015)



    MRJ doesn't normally stray above 7mm scale modelling, but this is one of the occasions when we do so in order to show you Mike Palmer's Gauge One indoor branch-line scene.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, layouts

  • Developments in 7mm Trackwork

    Bob Essery

    Issue 22 (1988)



    As Bob Essery progresses with his much talked about Dewsbury layout - an accurate depiction of the Midland Railway in 1907 - he takes the opportunity to discuss the frustrations and anomalies facing those modellers who, like him, want their trackwork to be authentic - and the strokes of luck which set him on the right path. Many of the principles expounded here apply to all scales and gauges while the prototype information is of enormous value.

    Tags: drawings / plans, MR / Midland Railway, track / trackwork / PW / Permanent Way

  • Distracted by a Drummond (or two)

    John Edwards

    Issue 136 (2002)



    John Edwards of Warley MRC, the Gauge 'O' Guild and the Larger Scale Association 'Loco Construction Clinic' fame, builds two 7mm scale Drummond M7 0-4-4Ts.

    Tags: kits, steam locomotives

  • Double Standards

    Tim Shackleton

    Issue 184 (2008)


    4mm/P4, 7mm/7mm FS

    Tim Shackleton builds a pair of BR Standard moguls in different scales - and finds a big variation in approach as well as in quality.

    Tim builds a 4mm DJH 77000 and 7mm 78000 BR Standard mogul 2-6-0 and assesses the relative merits of the kits as well as the constructional techniques and level of detailing required in each scale.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, kits, product reviews, scales / gauges, steam locomotives