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  • 40 Years Building Rolling Stock

    Philip Millard

    Issue 77 (1995)



    Philip began building rolling stock in the days when cardboard and old toothpaste tubes were considered important materials. His early examples bear comparison with models produced from the most advanced kits of today.

    Tags: rolling stock, scratchbuilding

  • An heretical compromise

    Jeff George

    Issue 234 (2014)



    Prompted by his grandchildren, Jeff George adopted an unconventional approach to achieve more reliable running on his P4 layout.

    Tags: rolling stock, techniques, wheels

  • Fully Sprung Pigeon

    David Lane

    Issue 187 (2008)



    David Lane dresses up a Chivers Finelines kit for the Gresley four-wheel brake with the new Masokits pinpoint suspension units.

    Improving the Chivers Finelines resin cast LNER Dia 120 four-wheel non-gangway full brake.

    Tags: coaches, kits, LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, product reviews, rolling stock

  • GWR inside-framed Siphon G in 4mm scale

    Gerry Beale

    Issue 240 (2015)



    Gerry Beale upgrades another long-established RTR model to current standards.

    Digram O33 siphon, using the 1970s Lima injection-moulded body, Martin Needham chassis kits, MJT 7ft wheelbase compensated bogies, and detailing components from ABS Models and MRD.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, rolling stock, RTR / kit conversions

  • Home-made transfers

    Trevor Pott

    Issue 99 (1997)


    The small lettering usually applied to the solebars of coaches and some wagons, giving dimensions, weight and other vital statistics, is a detail often overlooked by modellers. But not wishing to be defeated by such little things, Trevor Pott set about producing hand-painted transfers to decorate his models' nether regions.

    Tags: detailing, paints / painting, rolling stock, techniques

  • Rolling Stock at Aylesbury

    Geoff Williams

    Issue 52 (1992)



    Helped in later years by his sons, Geoff Williams has been steadily building the rolling stock for his remarkable 4mm/EM model of Aylesbury LNWR since the 1950s. Designed to represent vehicles which might have been seen at Aylesbury in pre-Grouping days, this fascinating collection takes in everything from early cardboard scratchbuilds to the latest state-of-the-art etched productions. Here, Geoff describes some examples.

    Tags: LNWR / London & North Western Railway, pre-grouping, rolling stock

  • The Schull and Skibbereen Railway

    Roger Bird

    Issue 218 (2012)



    Roger Bird details the construction of locomotives and rolling stock for his Irish narrow gauge byway.

    Tags: Irish railways, narrow gauge, rolling stock, scratchbuilding

  • Working Brake Pipes

    Jim Smith-Wright

    Issue 164 (2006)



    Jim Smith-Wright comes up with a dazzingly simple way to crack a long-standing conundrum. It seems it's all down to magnetic attraction.

    Tags: rolling stock, techniques