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  • The Art of Weathering

    Allan Sibley

    Issue 15 (1987)


    Allan Sibley delves into the muck, both prototype and model. In this, the first of a two-part article, he discusses the ravages of the weather (among other things) on full-size steam locomotives.

    Tags: prototype, steam locomotives, weathering

  • The Art of Weathering a Locomotive - Part Two

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 253 (2017)


    Martyn Welch continues his account from MRJ 252, this time describing the way in which he weathers a locomotive body, thus completing one of the most important and relevant articles we have published.

    Tags: weathering

  • The Art of Weathering a Steam Locomotive - Part One

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 252 (2017)


    Ever since Martyn Welch wrote his hugely influential book, The Art of Weathering, we have pestered him to write more. Now, with the benefit of a further twenty years experience gained weathering engines to commission, he writes about the techniques that he presently uses. The wait was certainly worthwhile, as this easy-to-follow account will guide and inspire us all to improve our weathering techniques.

    Tags: weathering

  • The Austerity Years

    Tim Shackleton

    Issue 118 (2000)


    Before Tim Shackleton reviews the Bachmann RTR model and its conversion options, here he details the history of the WD

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, prototype, steam locomotives

  • The Austerity Years - Part 2

    Tim Shackleton

    Issue 119 (2000)



    Having dealt with the history of the prototype, Tim Shackleton reviews the Bachmann RTR model and its conversion options.

    Bachmann WD

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, detailing, RTR / ready-to-run, steam locomotives

  • The Bendy J17

    Jas Millham

    Issue 100 (1998)


    Getting scale locomotives round bends can drive you round the bend. Jas Millham resorted to building one of his S scale 0-6-0s as an 0-4-2-0 and and, despite an early attempt at mechanical suicide, ended up with a model which negotiated curves with silky smoothness.

    Tags: chassis, compensation / suspension, steam locomotives

  • The Bogie Man

    Tim Shackleton

    Issue 138 (2002)



    Looking for new ways to improve the running of RTR diesels, Tim Shackleton looks at a simple, cost-effective solution.

    Formil Model Engineering

    Tags: compensation / suspension, diesel locomotives, RTR / ready-to-run

  • The Class 37

    James Wells

    Issue 253 (2017)



    James Wells takes a current view of detailing RTR diesels, by showing us what can be done to improve a Class 37 using the best of components available from our new breed of specialist manufacturers like Shawplan, Penbits and Rumney Models. Modelling on P4, and motivated by the movement of freight in North Lincolnshire, he had crafted his Class 37 into an outstanding portrayal of how it would have been seen in the early 1990s, and brings a refreshing topic to the pages of MRJ. We also welcome James to the Journal.

    Tags: detailing, diesel locomotives, RTR / ready-to-run

  • The Etched Kit and the Resin Boiler

    Tony Geary

    Issue 230 (2014)


    Whether to choose a kit with a resin or brass boiler is a question we put to Tony Geary, and here he questions the merits of both approaches

    Tags: kits, locomotives, product reviews

  • The Expert's Eye

    Issue 142 (2003)


    'Dirt and Damage', 'Decay' and 'Three Industrial Locomotive' - three new books from Roy C Link

    Tags: product reviews