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  • Schull & Skibbereen Locomotive No. 4s

    Roger Bird

    Issue 223 (2013)



    Roger Bird has now completed his 6mm scale model of Erin and, as promised, has provided a few notes about his approach.

    Tags: scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • Scratchbuilding a Metro-Vick Co-Bo

    Karl Crowther

    Issue 170 (2006)



    Karl Crowther creates an inspirational EM gauge odel of one of the earliest BR diesel classes.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, diesel locomotives, scratchbuilding

  • Scratchbuilding a Metro-Vick Co-Bo

    Karl Crowther

    Issue 172 (2007)



    Following on from MRJ No. 170, Karl Crowther adds the finishing touches to his EM gauge model.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, diesel locomotives, locomotives, scratchbuilding

  • Scratchbuilding No. 202

    Guy Williams

    Issue 10 (1986)



    Guy Williams, Pendon's CME, needs no introduction. His crusade to produce a stud of 4mm locomotives as near to dead scale as possible dates from the late 1940s, when most modellers were content with three-rail 00. His drive, fired by Roye England's critical appreciation, has inspired and maintained Pendon's quest for locomotive perfection and, as a by-product, the now-famous book 'Locomotive Construction in 4mm scale' (Ian Allan). This article, however, is Guy's first published chronology of the building of an individual engine. There is something about a Guy Williams locomotive, something which sets it apart and, with such near to scale components, their sheer delicacy so often makes them appear as if they were really shrunken prototypes. However, beyond this, perhaps his greatest achievement is his ability to capture the very soul of the engine concerned, an ability he has passed on to his fellow modellers and proteges Tony Reynalds, Andrew Field and Paul Morgan (who now keep him very much on his toes!). This really is an artist at work, and here he describes how he built No. 202.

    Scratchbuilt GWR '517' class 0-4-2T no. 202.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, pre-grouping, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • Second Time Around

    Peter Kazer

    Issue 188 (2009)



    "After completing Sand Hutton, I had not intended to start anything new but an invitation to demonstrate at Warley made me ponder. I realised that with nothing under construction, I would not be able to carry out the request. The choice of what to do took me back to the 1970s when I had produced a model of parts of the Festiniog railway in 4mm to 1ft. I had been reasonably happy with the double Fairlie locomotives but the single had always been a hotchpotch mechanically. I therefore decided to build a model of 'Taliesen' at 1/4 in to 1ft and since it was highly unlikely that it would ever have a layout to run on, it would be in its earliest guise..."

    Scratchbuilt construction of Festiniog railway single Fairlie 0-4-4T 'Taliesen'.

    Tags: Ffestiniog / Festiniog Railway, locomotives, narrow gauge, scratchbuilding

  • Sharmanworks

    Iain Rice

    Issue 5 (1986)


    Iain Rice conducts a tour around the empire of 4mm modelling's most prodigious wheelwright. If you work in 4mm scale, and should your bent be the construction of model locomotives, it will not be long before you encounter the ubiquitous Mr. Sharman and his range of finescale 4mm driving wheels - not to mention the gears, gearboxes, suspension components, bushes, universal drives and chatty little booklets that also emanate from his Wiltshire workshop.

    Tags: components, wheels

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Denys Brownlee

    Issue 38 (1990)


    2mm/2mm FS

    People kept telling us about Denys Brownlee's amazing 2mm Metropolitan electric locomotive, built entirely from scratch, fully lined and driven on all eight wheels. So we donned our deerstalkers and went in search - and were not disappointed. This one is far from elementary, but is a shining example of what can be done in 2mm finescale. As Holmes himself might have done, we persuaded Denys to 'pen a short monograph on the subject'.

    Tags: electric locomotives, scratchbuilding

  • Shunting with sound

    Jim Smith-Wright

    Issue 166 (2006)



    Jim Smith-Wright gets closer to the real thing by kitting out a 4mm scale class 08 with a full sound system.

    Tags: DCC / Digital Command & Control, diesel locomotives, sound

  • Sibling Rivalry

    Geoff Tiffany

    Issue 201 (2010)



    Geoff Tiffany describes the construction of two GNR Standard Goods 0-6-0 tender locomotives (originally introduced by Patrick Striling in the 1860s but developed over the year to become the LNER classes J3 and J4. Built from the London Road Models J3 kit.

    Tags: GNR / Great Northern Railway, kits, steam locomotives

  • Simple Simplex

    Roy Link

    Issue 2 (1985)



    Roy Link describes how he set about modelling one of these tiny industrial diesels in 4mm scale.

    Scratchbuilt body on Marklin 'Z' gauge 0-6-0 chassis. Includes protoytpe photos.

    Tags: diesel locomotives, industrial, narrow gauge, scratchbuilding