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  • Model Loco Finishing

    Malcolm Mitchell

    Issue 237 (2015)



    Malcolm Mitchell is renowned for his exquisite workmanship in loco kit building, so ew asked him to pass on a few tips which might help the rest of us improve. The example he uses is a 7mm scale GWR 45XX Prairie.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, kits, locomotives, techniques

  • Modelling a G.W.R. 55ft Turntable

    Tony Reynalds

    Issue 11 (1986)



    Recently commissioned into service at Pendon, and receiving wide acclaim, is the turntable at Pen Tor Road locomotive shed. Built by Tony Reynalds, this 4mm scale creation is modelled on an original at Kingswear in South Devon and is described here in an MRJ report.

    Tags: turntables

  • Modelling the Black Fives in 4mm

    Bob Essery, Rod Neep

    Issue 25 (1988)



    When MRJ briefed Rod Neep to provide a top quality rendition of the ubiquitous Black 5, we had no doubt that we were handing down a modelling challenge, but few of us had any idea of the prototype minefield into which we were blithely strolling. Before we could even raise a file in anger, Rod had to isolate the details of his chosen example - a tiresome business, considering the butchery and trouble shooting to be faced on the model. Here's how he did it - and to help our readers off to a rather better start, we've persuaded Bob Essery to take a broad look at the class, sorting out key differences.

    In-depth account of construction of the DJH kit accompanied by detailed prototype notes and photos.

    Tags: drawings / plans, kits, steam locomotives

  • Modernised Panniers

    Issue 102 (1998)



    Photos of GWR 57xx and 8750 class pannier tanks built by Chris Pendleton.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, steam locomotives

  • More Manning Wardles

    Issue 79 (1995)



    A selection of 4mm Manning Wardle 0-4-0ST variants constructed by readers following the MRJ scratchbuilding project.

    Tags: scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • Morfa Bank Progress

    Hywel Thomas

    Issue 246 (2016)



    Photograph and brief details of progress on rebuilding Morfa Bank Sidings previoulsy featured in MRJs 186 and 194

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, diesel locomotives, goods / freight, layouts

  • Morfa Bank Sidings

    Hywel Thomas

    Issue 186 (2008)



    Attracted by rough track, shabby buildings and highly specialised wagon types, Hywel Thomas finds modelling inspiration in the run-down South Wales steel industry of the early 1970s, the only place in Europe you could find big Alco diesels alongside Capris and Cortinas.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, diesel locomotives, goods / freight, layouts

  • MRJ Portfolio

    Issue 5 (1986)


    4mm weathered goods wagon by Chris Crofts. 7mm signalbox interior. Tiny 4mm peat tramway locomotive by Brian Clarke.LBSCR trailer-brake composite by Adrian du Heaume. 4mm signal box based on prototype at Levisham.

    Tags: MRJ Portfolio, signal boxes, wagons, weathering

  • MRJ Portfolio

    Issue 16 (1987)


    8mm-1ft Welsh Highland Railway 'Russell' by Peter Booth.

    Tags: MRJ Portfolio, narrow gauge, steam locomotives, WHR / Welsh Highland Railway

  • MRJ Portfolio

    Issue 19 (1988)



    A selection of 7mm locomotives based on the Brighton 'Terrier' whitemetal kit from Vulcan Model Engineering: LBSCR No.650 by Colin Hayward; LSWR No.735 by Keith Hastie; GWR (ex-Weston,Cleveland and Portishead Railway) No.5 by John Coates; BR period A1x class No.32636 by Mike Bragg.

    Tags: MRJ Portfolio, steam locomotives