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  • From the Modeller's Armchair

    Joe Brook-Smith

    Issue 37 (1990)


    How do you scale colour? And if you manage it, does looking at it under the wrong type of light make all the effort useless?

    Tags: lighting, paints / painting

  • More forgiving? [Photos]

    Rodney Cooper

    Issue 227 (2013)


    Photographs of a beautifully lit night scene by Rodney Cooper.

    Tags: lighting

  • Morning Noon and Night - Layout Lighting

    Dave Rowe

    Issue 46 (1991)


    Dave Rowe, who pioneered theatrical staging and lighting effects for his (and wife Shirley's) exhibition models, discusses the results achieved to date and reports on some new and even bolder experiments.

    Includes photograph of Shirley Rowe's Spanish diorama.

    Tags: baseboards, electrics / electronics, lighting