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  • A Porter's Hut for High Wycombe

    Tim Peacock

    Issue 221 (2013)


    With the retaining wall at High Wycombe complete, Tim Peacock decided to use the same laser cutting technology to make his first building. With the help of club mates, he learned how to draw with AutoCAD, and then use the drawings to make his own kit of parts, choosing the Porter's hut as an ideal starting point from which to learn.

    Tags: buildings, laser etching, scratchbuilding, techniques

  • Barrow Road Shed - A Laser-Etched Kit

    Robin Whittle

    Issue 201 (2010)



    Robin Whittle details the manufacture and preparation of components for the main structures of his evolving P4 project.

    Tags: buildings, engine sheds / motive power depots / MPDs, laser etching, techniques

  • Chemical Etching for Beginners

    John McCrea

    Issue 193 (2009)


    Taking inspiration from Gordon Gravett's article in MRJ 190, John McCrea describes a method of creating simple etches at home. Not for the faint-hearted, it involves a laser printer, a household iron, ferric chloride and plenty of protective clothing!

    Tags: etched brass, techniques

  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 212 (2012)


    LONDON ROAD MODELS - Four more 4mm scale kits for 42ft LNWR carriages (D352, D330, D354). SOUTHWARK BRIDGE MODELS - 4mm Dean Churchward brakes and underframe parts for scratchbuilding/enhancing GWR 16ft wagons. SHAWPLAN - more in the Extreme Etchings and laser cut replacement window ranges. ROGER EATON - 4mm scale Slack Adjuster.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum