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  • Burton Bass Canning Line

    Tim Horn

    Issue 231 (2014)



    "I could have cut the entire length by hand, but the laser cutter guarantees straight cuts and perfect right-angles" says Tim Horn, and by moving away from traditional skills of measuring and cutting he has embraced the use of technology that can aid and improve our model making. This striking contemporary building is a welcome topic to see modelled within the pages of MRJ, and reflects an architectural style that is commonly seen beside our railways today

    Tags: buildings, laser cutting, techniques

  • Dark Satanic Mills

    Karl Crowther

    Issue 230 (2014)


    In MRJ 224 we introduced Karl Crowther's new layout, Hebble Vale Goods. Here he describes the construction of the mill buildings and other structures, and shares the experience he has gained in learnign to use Corel Draw to produce laser-cut sides and windows. He concludes with a detailed and valuable guide to painting new and weathered sandstone

    Tags: buildings, computer-aided design, laser cutting, paints / painting, software, techniques

  • Laser-cut parts

    David Lane

    Issue 236 (2015)



    Snaps of components for two waiting rooms produced by David Lane for the Risborough & District MRC's 4mm scale Aylesbury Town model.

    Tags: buildings, laser cutting