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  • Sid Stubbs: 70 years in finescale modelling

    Issue 177 (2007)


    Railway modelling has prduced few genuinely legendary figures, but Sid Stubbs is one of them. A pioneer of EM gauge and a great believer in the scratchbuilding ethos, he continues at 87 years of age to enjoy the same demanding standards that he and fellow members of the 'Manchester School' devised more than 50 years ago.

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  • The MRJ Interview: Alan Gibson

    Issue 127 (2001)


    In the first of an occasional series, MRJ goes behind the scenes to talk to some of the hobby's movers and shakers/ Here Alan Gibson gives his views on the past, present and future of finescale modelling as a manufacturing business.

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  • The MRJ Interview: Allan Sibley

    Issue 130 (2001)


    For a fee, Allan will build you a scale locomotive that is a quiet masterpiece of precision, realism and reliability. Here he explains the rationale that has made him one of the UK's most sought-after locomotive builders.

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  • The MRJ Interview: Barry Norman

    Issue 128 (2001)


    At his home deep in the shire counties, stretched out on a sofa in front of a snug coal fire, top railway photographer Barry Norman explains just how he takes those extraordinary images.

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  • The MRJ Interview: Chris Challis

    Issue 132 (2002)


    As the exhibition season reaches it peak, who better to give an insight into the whole business of organising such events than Chris Challis, guiding spirit behind the annual show at Wells in Somerset. Held jointly with Scalefour Southwest, Railwells is widely regarded as one of the best (and best-run) exhibitions in the country. But as Chris remarks, other shows may not always achieve such a high standard of presentation.

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  • The MRJ Interview: Dave Cleal

    Issue 129 (2001)


    Mainly Trains is the biggest mail-order source of kits and bits in the UK - if not the world. If anyone knows whether the finescale modeller is putting his money where his mouth is, it's Dave Cleal.

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  • The MRJ Interview: David White

    Issue 134 (2002)


    David White of Slater's is often seen as the driving force behind the transformation of 7mm modelling from an old man's hobby to its current status as the preferred scale of many fine modellers. Here he explains how the rebirth of 7mm came about.

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  • The MRJ Interview: MARTIN FINNEY

    Issue 137 (2002)


    In the year that sees him celebrating 15 years as a designer, Martin Finney talks to MRJ about the philosophy behind his loco kits - universally acknowledged as the best money can buy.

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  • The MRJ Interview: Mike Watts

    Issue 140 (2003)


    Ever wondered what's involved in running a niche model business across eight major scales, with 8,000 individual product lines encompassing everything from pre-group to EWS and beyond? Mike watts, founder of Fox Transfers, explains.

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  • The perfect start to the perfect finish

    Issue 158 (2005)


    How to get a smooth, blemish-free finish on a model? Is it type of paint or the make of airbrush? Or does it come from experience anc common sense? We asked top professional Steve Barnfield to tell us how he does it.

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