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  • The Gas Works

    Bob Alderman

    Issue 87 (1996)



    Bob Alderman describes Yeovil Model Railway Group's remarkable 7mm layout. It was inspired by MRJ's 'Inkerman Street', but designed to be more intersting!

    Urban industrial layout.

    Tags: industrial, layouts, LMS / London Midland & Scottish Railway

  • The Steelworks which forged Borchester

    Frank Dyer

    Compendium 2 (1994)



    The writings of Frank Dyer, the creator of the famous 4mm 'Borchester' layouts and widely regarded as one of the most important modellers of our time, have made occasional intriguing references to his early work on a gigantic model steelworks. It wasn't until MRJ reader Mr. D. Johnston of Poole turned up some photographs of the model that we realised just how vast and impressive it must have been. It toured Britain for a mere few years after the last war, but gave Frank a uniquely valuable baptism of fire, as he recalls.

    Tags: industrial, layouts

  • The Tin Turtle

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 77 (1995)



    Martyn builds a kit for the tiny Motor Rail Simplex, 40HP industrial.

    Tags: industrial, kits, lathes

  • Tidmeric Minerals Company

    Brandon Evans

    Issue 122 (2000)



    7mm:1ft 14mm narrow gauge freelance industrial (quarry) layout

    Tags: industrial, layouts, narrow gauge

  • Two-horse town

    Tom Mallard

    Issue 147 (2003)



    Tom Mallard adds another thoroughbred from the High Level stable to his string - and comes up with a minute and charismatic engine of enormous charm.

    Tags: industrial, kits, steam locomotives

  • 'Aldwyth' - the Manning in a time lock

    Don Townsley

    Compendium 1 (1988)


    When MRJ saw these photographs, we just had to have the full story! As well as adding essential new detail to modellers, the discovery of the 'Aldwyth' treasure is every enthusiast's dream - a forgotten relic in almost original condition. Pictures and notes by Don Townsley.

    Tags: industrial, prototype, steam locomotives

  • 'Sunbury'

    Francis Samish

    Compendium 3 (1997)



    Francis Samish builds a tiny 4mm narrow gauge tank based on a Roxey kit.

    Tags: industrial, kits, steam locomotives