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  • 7mm Horsebox Upgrade

    Paul Jarman

    Issue 208 (2011)



    Paul Jarman builds a Parkside diagram N13 GWR Horse Box.

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  • G.N.R. Horseboxes

    Nick Campling

    Issue 5 (1986)


    In the wake of another fine 4mm kit from D&S Models, and growing interest in all areas of non-passenger coaching stock, Nick Campling discusses an attractive prototype.

    Prototype details for diagrams 351/352 including 4mm scale drawings.

    Tags: coaches, drawings / plans, GNR / Great Northern Railway, horseboxes, LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, prototype, vans

  • GWR Horsebox in 4mm

    Gerry Beale

    Issue 189 (2009)



    Gerry Beale builds the latest Parkside kit for the GWR Diagram N13 horsebox and makes a few of his own improvements.

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  • L.N.E.R. Constituent Hoseboxes

    Rupert Brown

    Issue 19 (1988)



    A photographic survey of constituent company horse-boxes from that rich source of 4mm LNER stock, D&S Models, by Rupert Brown.

    GER Diagram 16 & NER Diagrams 67 and 196.

    Tags: GER / Great Eastern Railway, horseboxes, kits, LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, NER / North Eastern Railway

  • MRJ Portfolio

    Compendium 1 (1988)


    Malcolm Mitchell's own GWR 45XX 4mm loco, Tony Reynalds' GWR Duke and GWR 517 in 4mm, Andrew Field's GWR short horsebox built form a Colin Waite 4mm kit, Dave Hunts MR 2-6-0 No. 2517 scratchbuilt in 7mm

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  • RTR GWR Horsebox

    Gerry Beale

    Issue 216 (2012)



    Gerry Beale converts the new Hornby GWR horsebox to EM gauge

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, horseboxes, RTR / kit conversions

  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 100 (1998)


    Harburn Hobbies commissioned Hornby private owner wagons. Parkside Dundas 4mm LNER diag.94 goods van and diag.106 fruit van. Steph Dale lost-wax 4mm 9F Giesel ejector chimney. London Road Models 4mm LNWR C/C1 0-8-0 kit and LNWR horsebox, milk van, luggage van and L&Y 6-wheeled coaches, acquired from D&S Models. Dremel flexible shaft attachment. Connoisseur Models etched LNER B12/3 kit. Corgi 4mm diecast National Express coach.

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  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 187 (2008)


    Geoff Taylor - 4mm & 7mm window, canopy valance and canopy bracket etchings. Parkside Dundas - 4mm & 7mm GWR horsebox (Dia N13) plastic kit. Classic Commercials - 7mm Ruston Bucyrus 10RB excavator kit. Dapol - RTR 4mm/00 FEA-B spine wagons. Judith Edge Kits - etched kits for North British 0-4-0DH (D2720-80 series) and Bulleid-inspired 500hp 0-6-0DM (No.11001). Hollar Models - 4mm 1960s traders' labels. Steam & Things - 4mm & 7mm etched kit for Colonel-Stephens Wolseley-Siddeley railmotor.

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  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 231 (2014)


    Prickly Pear Products introduces 4mm scale wagon W-irons which are a cross between compensation and springing; London Road Models have added several former D&S kits to their range - L&Y 10t 4-wheel brake van 'tin tab', L&Y 20t 4-wheel brake van, L&Y 20t 6-wheel brake van, MR 20t 6-wheel brake van, MR ballast brake van, L&Y 21ft CCT (Diag 113) and NSR horsebox (Diag. 6); Kenneth Clark has introduced a range of loco crew in 3.5mm scale

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  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 248 (2016)


    Modelu price revision for lamps; High Level Kits OO/EM/P4 4mm chassis kit replacement for Bachmann 6400 class 0-6-0PT; Rumney Models 4mm etched brass kit for BR 1/801 Fish Van, 4mm standard 17ft 6in x 10ft wagon chassis with LNER clasp brake and BR axleguards, 4mm etches to backdate the Parkside Dundas BR steel-ended wooden open kit to the earlier LMS C.1892 open wagon with wooden sides and ends, and S scale 16T mineral wagon chassis kits designed to fit the Alan Gibson whitemetal welded type bodies; Brassmasters reintroduces the Martin Finney 4mm kits for the GWR 3232 2-4-0, 2251 Collett Goods, Stella 2-4-0, City 4-4-0 and Atbara/Flower 4-4-0 as well as five of the former R&E Models GCR wagon and van kits (GCR/CLC horsebox, GCR dia. 17/17a/17b and CLC dia. 49 10T van, GCR bogie fish van, GCR bogie brake van and GCR refrigerator van)

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