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  • A Bit More Like The Real Thing - Part Two

    Martin McDermott

    Issue 241 (2015)



    Martin McDermott concludes the story of his impressive 7mm scale fully spring Class 37 with details of the electrics.

    Continued from issue 240.

    Tags: chassis, diesel locomotives, electrics / electronics

  • Class 76 in 2mm

    Alan Whitehouse

    Issue 193 (2009)


    2mm/2mm FS

    Alan Whitehouse builds a multiple fitted aid-braked pair of EMI/Class 76s that he'd once ridden on.

    Based on the new Masterclass Models kit with a modified Brawa chassis.

    Tags: electric locomotives, RTR / kit conversions

  • Etched Shorting Strips

    Mark Humphrys

    Issue 248 (2016)


    4mm/EM, 4mm/P4

    Mark Humphrys explains how to use his specially developed etched components to electrically short plastic-centred locomotive wheels

    Tags: chassis, electrics / electronics, product reviews

  • Mini-MSW

    Alan Whitehouse

    Issue 185 (2008)


    2mm/2mm FS

    Complete with full overhead catenary, Alan Whitehouse's 2mm finescale portrait of the 1500v DC Wath branch makes imaginative use of 'all that two-pie-arr stuff from school'.

    Merry-go-round hopper trains hauled and banked by pairs of class 76 locomotives.

    Tags: electric locomotives, electrification, goods / freight, layouts

  • Newcastle Quayside ESI Locomotive in 2mm

    Alex Duckworth

    Issue 222 (2013)



    Alex Duckworth describes the construction of his 2mm locomotive.

    Tags: electric locomotives, scratchbuilding

  • No. 1 Shop: Effective Pick-ups

    Iain Rice

    Issue 6 (1986)


    A look at the problem of good electrical continuity between wheels and track, with descriptions and explanations of the various pickup options, including wiper pick-ups, plunger pick-ups and vertical acting pick-ups.

    Tags: chassis, electrics / electronics, locomotives, No. 1 Shop, pickups / pick-ups, wheels

  • Real Atmosphere

    Issue 128 (2001)


    Two views of Cheddleton Mental Hospital Railway electric loco propelling coal wagons in 1954

    Tags: electric locomotives, private owner, Real Atmosphere, wagons

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Denys Brownlee

    Issue 38 (1990)


    2mm/2mm FS

    People kept telling us about Denys Brownlee's amazing 2mm Metropolitan electric locomotive, built entirely from scratch, fully lined and driven on all eight wheels. So we donned our deerstalkers and went in search - and were not disappointed. This one is far from elementary, but is a shining example of what can be done in 2mm finescale. As Holmes himself might have done, we persuaded Denys to 'pen a short monograph on the subject'.

    Tags: electric locomotives, scratchbuilding

  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 149 (2004)


    Eastfield Models scale drawings of historic Scottish prototypes in 4mm and 7mm, Hurst Models detailing kit for Lima class 156 and class 37/9 'Slugs' conversion kit in 4mm, N Brass Locomotives rolling rads in 4mm and 7mm, Comet Models 1960 Metropolitan-Cammell Pullman and GWR dia E149 coach kits in 4mm, Dave Bradwell sprung bogie units and Alan Gibson OO, EM and P4 wheels for Hornby RTR wooden-bodied Pullmans in 4mm, Genesis Kits and Cambrige Custom Transfers BR 'Birds Eye' container kit and transfers in 4mm, C-Rail transfers for Bachmann 20ft intermodal containers in 4mm with matching paints from Phoenix Precision, S Kits lineside junk in 4mm, Laurie Griffin cast GWR loco detailing parts in 7mm, Colin Craig etched handwheels and jig for Sealion/Seacow and Dogfish wagons, Judith Edge Kits NER 4-6-4 electric loco No. 13 lit in 4mm, Wizard Models/51L LNWR stock-proof fencing kit in 4mm, London Road Models L&Y Barton Wright 4-4-0 loco and matching tender kits in 4mm

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 189 (2009)


    Judith Edge Kits - 4mm etched kit for South Shields Harton Colliery English Electric locomotives Nos.13-15 and EE PNL4 pantograph. Prickley Pear Products - 4mm & 7mm etched GNSR coach kits. Lochgorm Kits - 7mmkit for Highland Railway corridor coach (dia. 60/61). Scalefour Society - "Alex Jackson: the man and the couplings" book by Dave Booth. Borg-Rail - resumed supply of bespoke trackwork, signals and scenic items in 4mm/7mm.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum