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  • Upgrading Etched Coach Kits

    Stephen Williams

    Issue 13 (1987)



    Pendon Museum senior coachbuilder Stephen Williams runs through the construction of etched brass coach kits and passes on many of the hints and wrinkles which transform ordinary coach models into coaching stock fit for Pendon's superb EM gauge network. The basic message is the anyone can do it, but whatever your level of experience, these are tips worth having.

    Tags: coaches, detailing, etched brass, kits

  • Wagon Loads No. 3: The Joy Of Sacks

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 67 (1993)


    You can use exotic Oriental techniques, says Martyn Welch, or more natural British methods.

    Representing sacked wagon loads.

    Tags: detailing, wagons

  • Wagon Loads No.1: Sheeted Vehicles

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 65 (1993)



    Martyn Welch, creator of the landmark 7mm layout, 'Hursley', returns to MRJ, bringing his remarkable talents to bear on the modelling of wagon loads. In this first article, he uses straightforward and widely applicable techniques to make convincing representations of the uniquitous tarpaulin.

    Tags: detailing, wagons

  • Wagon Loads No.2: Heavy Metal

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 66 (1993)



    Martyn Welch enjoys bars and steel bands, in that order, as he demonstrates with his latest 7mm wagon loads.

    Steel girders and steel coils.

    Tags: detailing, wagons

  • Wagon Loads No.4: The Empty

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 68 (1994)



    Plenty of wagons ran load-less for part of their working life. Martyn Welch builds a wagon with working doors - a versatile model suitable for a part-loaded yard cameo.

    Tags: detailing, kits, wagons

  • Wagon Loads No.5: Nutty Slack

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 69 (1994)



    A search for the most predictable load of all finds that coal ain't just coal.

    Tags: detailing, wagons

  • Wagon Loads No.6: Loose Floorboards

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 70 (1994)


    Floorboards, battens, beams, branches and boles - indeed timber of every description once rode the rails.

    Tags: detailing, wagons

  • Wagon Loads No.7: Distant Drums

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 72 (1994)


    The search for information on this distinctive load finds Martyn Welch poling across polluted ponds of the past, prattling with Pirelli, engaging with the electricity board (to no avail, like most of us) and rambling round a railway yard. Deadline day came and went somewhere in the middle.

    Cable drums - real and modelled.

    Tags: detailing, wagons

  • Wha's they two up to?

    Trevor Pott

    Issue 209 (2011)



    Trevor Pott describes how he produces 'character' engine crews for his extensive stud of GWR locomotives.

    Tags: detailing

  • 'Because She's Worth It'

    Chris Pendlenton

    Issue 189 (2009)



    Upgrading the Bachmann Deltic. Part 2 - the body improvements.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, detailing, diesel locomotives, RTR / kit conversions