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  • 4mm Screw Couplings

    John Hayes

    Issue 123 (2000)



    Notes on assembly of Masokits 4mm screw couplings.

    Tags: couplings

  • A Shunters Pole for 4mm

    William Barter

    Issue 21 (1988)



    W. A. M. Barter on making three-link couplings easier to live with.

    Tags: couplings, operation, tools

  • Altered Alex Jacksons

    Vincent de Bode

    Issue 123 (2000)


    Vincent de Bode has been experimenting with Alex Jackson couplings for some time in the hope of making them more prototypical in appearance and more reliable in operation.

    Tags: couplings

  • An Express Train for the Main Line (and less savoury places)

    Chris Pendlenton

    Issue 200 (2010)



    Chris Pendlenton provides an account of how to make a long train of Bachmann Mk 1s safe to travel in and walk through on the finescale railway (especially when being propelled).

    Including details of the 'Wakefield' and 'wiry' sprung gangways.

    Tags: chassis, coaches, couplings, RTR / kit conversions, RTR / ready-to-run

  • Hybrid Couplings for Ashburton

    Chris Lamacraft

    Issue 79 (1995)


    Chris Lamacraft marries Alex Jackson couplings with Sprat & Winkles and comes up with a hybrid; it may not look quite so beautiful as the thoroughbreds, but, like most mongrels, is steady, reliable and cheap.

    Home-made auto-couplings operated by magnets / electromagnets.

    Tags: couplings, electrics / electronics

  • In Search of a Reliable Low-Visibility Auto-Coupling

    Philip Hall

    Issue 0 (1985)



    Reduced size 'Sprat & Winkle' auto-couplings for 4mm scale.

    Tags: components, couplings

  • Jackson Coupling Handbook and Turner jigs

    Chris Pendlenton

    Issue 194 (2009)


    Chris Pendlenton reviews Dave Booth's book 'Alex Jackson - The Man and the Coupling' and a selection of Graham Turner's jigs.

    Tags: books / publications, couplings, product reviews, tools

  • Jackson Couplings

    David Booth, John Langan, Norman Whitnall

    Issue 55 (1992)


    Despite the best efforts of many small suppliers, nobody has yet invented a reliable low-visibility coupling to beat the late Alex Jackson's device, which was and remains as brilliant as it is simple, at least in concept. Members of the Manchester Model Railway Society, Alex's old club, retain custodianship of the coupling and are still improving it to this day. Here three of them, John Langan, Norman Whitnall and Dave Booth, give the definitive explanation of how the basic AJ couplings work, how to make them and how to set them up. A second article will deal with modern developments making them simpler still.

    Examination of the AJ coupling.

    Tags: couplings, scratchbuilding

  • Jackson Couplings in 2mm

    Jim Watt

    Issue 79 (1995)



    Alex Jackson formed wire couplings are usually considered to be the province of modellers woking in 4mm scale or larger, due to the 'fiddle factor'. Jim Watt has made them work in 2mm scale, where they really are barely visible.

    Tags: couplings

  • Jackson Couplings, Part 2 – Modern Developments

    David Booth, John Langan, Norman Whitnall

    Issue 56 (1992)



    In the second and final part of their examination of the extraordinary Alex Jackson coupling, John Langan, Norman Whitnall and Dave Booth look at some of the refinements that have been devised since Alex’s death – and explain why these little bits of twisted wire have defeated all attempts at commercialisation.

    Examination of the AJ coupling.

    Tags: couplings, scratchbuilding