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  • 4mm Loco Lamps

    Keith Ettle

    Issue 132 (2002)



    Super-detailing cast loco lamps in 4mm

    Tags: components, detailing, steam locomotives

  • A Sauce for Semaphores - Postscript: A New Recipe

    J Douglas Smith

    Issue 130 (2001)


    With an important ingredient no longer available, a cook has to adapt. J. Douglas Smith has devised a new recipe for making SAUCE using ingredients which are currently in season.

    Tags: components, signals / signalling

  • A Speedy 2FS Conversion or Converting a Class 37 in Ten Minutes

    Mick Simpson

    Issue 267 (2018)


    2mm/2mm FS

    With easy-to-use components the 2mm Scale Association has made the conversion from N Gauge simple. We have shown in past MRJs the Easitrac system for track and turnouts and now Mick Simpson, using association wheel sets, shows us how to convert a Farish Class 37 in just 10 minutes. These days there seems to be little excuse for not having a go at 2mm timescale

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, diesel locomotives, rolling stock, RTR / kit conversions

  • A Summer Outing for the Twins

    Richard Nice

    Issue 186 (2008)



    Richard Nice mixes and matches components from various sources to create an accurate EM gauge portrait of an ex-LNER non-corridor articulated set, once a common sight on suburban and excursion workings.

    Etched sides from Southern Pride and components from Comet, MJT, ABS and Markits.

    Tags: coaches, etched brass, kits, LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, RTR / kit conversions

  • An Etched Brass G.W.R. Siphon Kit

    Adrian Gray

    Issue 4 (1985)



    The six-wheeled milk vans with slatted sides and heavy outside framing were a distinctive and long-lived component of the Great Western scene. Until recently, apart from a rather unsatisfactory plastic kit, the modeller's only option when wishing to re-create these intersting vehicles was to resort to scratch-building, always a tricky business. D&S Models have recognized the potential of etched brass for modelling of this sort and the result is the kit discussed here by Adrian Gray.

    The model represents a low-roofed, 6-wheeled vehicle constructed according to Diagram 04. The article includes scale drawings and a prototype photo.

    Tags: drawings / plans, etched brass, GWR / Great Western Railway, kits, product reviews, prototype, vans

  • Austerity Variations

    Allan Sibley

    Issue 21 (1988)



    A look at the Kingdom Kits' 4mm Austerity detailing kit.

    Tags: components, detailing, kits, product reviews, steam locomotives

  • Ball Bearing Axleboxes for 7mm

    Tony Reynalds

    Issue 196 (2010)



    Tony Reynalds describes his first foray into using ball bearing axleboxes in place of standard plain brass axleboxes and assesses their benefits.

    Tags: chassis, compensation / suspension, components, product reviews

  • Barrow Road Shed - A Laser-Etched Kit

    Robin Whittle

    Issue 201 (2010)



    Robin Whittle details the manufacture and preparation of components for the main structures of his evolving P4 project.

    Tags: buildings, engine sheds / motive power depots / MPDs, laser etching, techniques

  • Bricklaying in 4mm scale

    Shirley Rowe

    Issue 4 (1985)



    The first individual bricking system for 4mm scale caused a minor sensation when it was issued two years ago under the Formcraft label. Since then the system has been enlarged and refined, but the Formcraft name has gone, manufacture is in the hands of K. and L. Newman - Len Newman being one of the originating engineers - and marketing is the sole province of Alan Gibson, from whom the product now takes its name. Shirley Rowe has been experimenting since the earliest days, and her review of the Gibson Bricklaying System is, coincidentally, a potted history of its public development.

    Modular system for modelling brick walls for buildings.

    Tags: buildings, components, product reviews

  • Building a 7mm scale 'Jinty' from a Gibson kit

    Peter Truman

    Issue 9 (1986)



    The LMS '3F' class 0-6-0T, known to generations of enthusiasts by the sobriquet 'Jinty', is an esential requirement for any LMS based layout. Peter Truman has rushed out this model to provide some balance to an otherwise 4mm dominated issue and it thus takes its place as the first completed component for the forthcoming MRJ project layout. Here Peter describes the kit and his method of construction.

    Tags: etched brass, kits, LMS / London Midland & Scottish Railway, locomotives, steam locomotives