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  • A 4mm Hall

    John Hayes

    Issue 55 (1992)



    In building this beautiful 4mm scale 'Hall' to P4 standards, John Hayes not only reviews Martin Finney's latest kit but offers some useful advice on how he produces such precise and consistently smooth-running chassis from the kits he builds.

    Tags: chassis, compensation / suspension, etched brass, GWR / Great Western Railway, kits, steam locomotives

  • A Beginner's Guide to Building a Chassis

    Barry Norman

    Issue 245 (2016)


    4mm, 7mm

    Using a process that is equally suited to 4mm and 7mm scales, Barry Norman explains the steps he takes to make a successfully running compensated chassis

    He has written the article to help his club members who have no experience of chassis construction, but are taking their first steps into finescale modelling project, with a daring attempt at building a Scale 7 layout

    Tags: chassis, compensation / suspension, locomotives, techniques

  • A Bit More Like The Real Thing

    Martin McDermott

    Issue 240 (2015)



    Inspired by the imaginative approach of Chris Pendleton writing in MRJ about his fully sprung Deltic, Martin McDermott, fearing that it would be too difficult for him, headed in his own direction, and designed his own fully sprung bogie with individual traction motors. Here he tells us what happened, and about the lessons he learned, in his quest to make his award-winning Scale 7 class 37, which we featured in MRJ 226, run with power and grace.

    Concluded in issue 241.

    Tags: chassis, diesel locomotives, springing

  • A Bit More Like The Real Thing - Part Two

    Martin McDermott

    Issue 241 (2015)



    Martin McDermott concludes the story of his impressive 7mm scale fully spring Class 37 with details of the electrics.

    Continued from issue 240.

    Tags: chassis, diesel locomotives, electrics / electronics

  • A Fully Sprung Class 25 for Hebble Vale Goods

    Karl Crowther

    Issue 231 (2014)



    Having been impressed by the smooth performance of RTR locomotives fitted with PenBits sprung bogies, we were keen to know more. Hearing that Karl Crowther was using this kit in the rebuilding of his EM gauge class 25, we asked him to tell us his findings. As a precursor to writing about the alterations he will be making to the body, he has written a detailed and thorough account, explaining how to assemble this kit and fit it to the body

    Tags: chassis, diesel locomotives, techniques

  • A Narrow Gauge Ruston for 7mm

    Francis Samish

    Issue 30 (1989)



    Francis Samish builds the excellent Wrightlines kit and ends up giving it a scratch-built chassis when the initial quickie fails.

    Tags: chassis, diesel locomotives, kits, narrow gauge, scratchbuilding

  • A question of balance

    Philip Hall

    Issue 213 (2012)



    Philip Hall explains how to increase the haulage capabilities of the Hornby 'T9'.

    Tags: chassis, RTR / kit conversions

  • A Simple EM Chassis

    Louis Baycock

    Issue 15 (1987)



    Starting in finer 4mm scale modelling has never been easier, according to MRJ credo. Here, in the context of this EM Special, we've set out to prove it by assigning a 'first step' job to a genuine EM beginner - the Reverend Louis Baycock (Iain Rice's rector and, until recently, an N-gauger). We gave him a small bag of goodies and a lot of encouragement; this is what he brought back.

    Construction of Perseverance chassis with DS10 motor, Romford gears and Ultrascale wheels for the Dapol 'N2' body.

    Tags: chassis

  • A Sprung Bachmann A1

    Pete Hill

    Issue 203 (2010)



    It was fully 18 months that passed between Pete Hill being asked to review the then forthcoming Brassmasters EasiChas for the Bachmann A1, and try it out on the extensive EM tracks of Retford, simply because Brassmasters were having real difficulty getting the etches made to their satisfaction and the level of accuracy they required. However, how it does exactly what it does on the tin!

    Fold-up sprung chassis for the Bachmann RTR model.

    Tags: chassis, compensation / suspension, product reviews, springing, steam locomotives

  • A Western 8F

    Gerry Beale, Chris Pendlenton

    Issue 200 (2010)



    Chris Pendlenton deals with the 'mechanicals' and Gerry Beale makes a cosmetic upgrade to the Hornby LMS 2-8-0.

    Tags: chassis, detailing, LMS / London Midland & Scottish Railway, locomotives, RTR / kit conversions