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  • Running Free

    Laurie Griffin

    Issue 217 (2012)


    In his quest to make smooth running chassis, Laurie Griffin assesses some of the commercially available jigs and construction aids and makes some adaptations for even easier use.

    Tags: chassis, tools

  • Simple Simplex

    Roy Link

    Issue 2 (1985)



    Roy Link describes how he set about modelling one of these tiny industrial diesels in 4mm scale.

    Scratchbuilt body on Marklin 'Z' gauge 0-6-0 chassis. Includes protoytpe photos.

    Tags: diesel locomotives, industrial, narrow gauge, scratchbuilding

  • Simple springs and split axles

    Allan Sibley

    Issue 143 (2003)


    In my article on the construction of the High Level Kit for Stagshaw (MRJ N0. 129) I referred to the use of a simple springing system, and to the fact that I had opted for split-axle current collection. That article dealt with the construction of one specific kit, so in this one I describe the methods and materials I use in most locomotives I build these days.

    Tags: chassis, compensation / suspension, locomotives

  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 5 (1986)


    Alan Gibson/K&L - scale flexible track. David Baxter - diminishing-course slate sheets. Roxey Mouldings - etched headcode discs. ScaleSeven Models - 7mm/4mm scale rule. Liahona Models - 4mm chassis kits. Nine Lines - 4mm narrow gauge rolling stock kits. Nu-Cast - Midland huts.

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  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 17 (1987)


    Faulkner's Engraving Services - engraved layout plaques. Brian Robinson - kits and bits. John K. Flack - tools and materials. Chris Leigh - diesel body parts in 4mm. Mike Bryant - 'Chassis Building in the Smaller Scales' book. Tammerlaine - 4mm locomotive fittings. Underhill - Peckett 0-4-ST kit.

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  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 18 (1987)


    Perivale Waggon Works (Clive Croome) - 4mm wagon kits. Comet - 4mm chassis frames. H.R.Models - 4mm Highland Railway kits. Somerville - Bedford OB variants for 7mm. Tony MacDougall - directory of 4mm components. Tru-Scale - various components. Scale Signal Supply - signal kits and parts.

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  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 19 (1988)


    Sharman - ending wheel production and moving into scratchbuilding. Side Lines - 4mm painted LMS coach sides. Kingdom Models - 4mm etched NBR N15 chassis. MJT - 4mm finescale components. Woodhead Models - modern outline transfers. S and D Models - 7mm charabanc. CCW - 7mm wagon chassis kit.

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  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 20 (1988)


    Sharman Wheels - production transferred to new owners. Dapol - finescale developments. Roy C. Link - 4mm narrow gauge wagons. Andrew McCracken - 4mm Scottish wagon equipment. Impetus - bee-stripe and chevron transfers for 4mm/7mm industrial locomotives. A.F.Hammond - 4mm GWR chassis kits. DJB Engineering - 7mm LMS coach parts. Greenwood Electronics - portable soldering iron. Corgi 'Classics' - 7mm AEC cabover box lorry.

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  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 28 (1989)


    Comet Coaches - etched brass coach kits and components. Eileen's Emporium - supplies of raw materials. John Phipps - scale newspapers. Blacksmith Models - 4mm wheel quartering jig. Malcolm Mitchell - GWR 44xx etched locomotive kit. Studio Scale Models - 4mm/7mm Irish locomotive kits. Branchlines - 4mm chassis kit for SECR 'P' Class 0-6-0T, motor mounts, loco break linkage fret, various rolling stock kits. Orbit Products - LED lamps.

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  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 33 (1989)


    Ginginjini; 4mm Cambrian 3 plank wagon transfers. Robert Evans; book on The Pantewan Railway. Wills; station canopy in 4mm. Branchlines; 4mm chassis kit for LSWR 'Terrier' +3mm kit for a push-bike.The Caledonian Railway Association; 7mm scale drawings. Impetus; Ruston 48DS and Hunslet 15" 0-6-0ST in 4mm & 7mm. Peter R Lewin various parts for model boats. Proops; new premises. London Road Models; LNWR coach, and 'Watford Tank' kits.

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