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  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 269 (2019)


    CSP Models adds new items to their range of nickel-silver lost-wax castings; Lanarkshire Models releases a 4mm wagon buffer for the re-released Slater's hopper wagon kit, Midland 'heavy' GCR standard and LBSCR bufferstops, chassis kits for BR1 and BR2 tenders, and etched coupling rods for LNER B1, LNER V2 and LNER A1/A3

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  • Small Suppliers Plus

    Issue 157 (2005)



    Mainly Trains J52 chassis and detailing kit in 4mm

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  • Small Suppliers Plus: Chassis Upgrades for North Eastern loco kits

    Issue 191 (2009)


    4mm/EM, 4mm/P4

    52F Models 4mm scale etched chassis kits for upgrading whitemetal locomotive kits from Dave Alexander and Nucast. Designed for EM/P4 (OO versions to follow), they are for the NER class O (LNER/BR class G5) 0-4-4T, NER class P2/P3 (LNER/BR class J26/J27) and NER class C (LNER/BR class J21).

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  • Smooth Manors

    John Hayes

    Issue 81 (1995)



    John Hayes locos are renowned for their silky-smooth performance and here John explains some of his techniques applied to the latest 4mm scale kit from Malcolm Mitchell.

    Includes brief prototype notes and short bibliography.

    Tags: chassis, etched brass, GWR / Great Western Railway, kits, steam locomotives

  • Speedy Stock Suspension

    Bob Barlow

    Issue 9 (1986)


    4mm/P4, 4mm/EM

    One of the things that drew Bob Barlow towards P4 was the sight of a slowly rolling train of wagons with daylight flickering between the spokes, unencumbered by oversize flanges. Finescale wheels need help to stay on the rails, but it need not be a hard job.

    Overview of various methods of wagon suspension/compensation and the available components, including Scalefour Society rocking W-irons, Locomotion pivot units, and Hammond springing units.

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  • Splits made simple

    Tim Shackleton

    Issue 165 (2006)



    Just as everyone of a certain age learned to drive in a Morris Minor, so reworking the old Mainline J72 became, for many modellers, the first faltering step into finescale. This recent conversion pushes things along a little, with split-chassis construction, sprung hornblocks, three-stage gearing and other refinements.

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  • Sprung P4 Chassis for 3F

    Colin McCall

    Issue 219 (2012)



    The Bachmann LMS 3F is quite outstanding and now Brassmasters have produced one of their Easichas kits for simple conversion to P4.

    Here Colin McCall guides us through the procedure.

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  • Squaring up to chassis construction

    Pete Hill, Morgan Gilbert

    Issue 191 (2009)


    Pete Hill tests the much talked-about Chassis2 assembly jig from Avonside Works. Morgan Gilbert believes the Chassis2 Pro is the way to take the sting out of chassis-building, for beginner and expert alike.

    Locomotive chassis assembly jig.

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  • The 0-4-4 Now Approaching

    Roy Birch

    Issue 123 (2000)


    This chassis can be a treacherous beast to tackle with its tendency to waddle and thrash about if not done properly. Roy Birch pondered this awhile before coming up with a cunning plan.

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  • The 03 Project

    Kier Hardy

    Issue 186 (2008)



    Kier Hardy uses a High Level chassis kit to turn a popular ready-to-run locomotive into a supremely smooth-running shunter.

    Includes 'The 03s - a modeller's perspective on prototype history', with prototype photos.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, chassis, diesel locomotives, RTR / kit conversions