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  • Burntisland's Goods Ferry

    Lindsay Galloway

    Issue 202 (2010)



    Lindsay Galloway describes the research and building of Burntisland's roll-on, roll-off goods ferry along with the working loading and unloading equipment.

    Tags: boats / ships, goods / freight

  • Burton Bass Canning Line

    Tim Horn

    Issue 231 (2014)



    "I could have cut the entire length by hand, but the laser cutter guarantees straight cuts and perfect right-angles" says Tim Horn, and by moving away from traditional skills of measuring and cutting he has embraced the use of technology that can aid and improve our model making. This striking contemporary building is a welcome topic to see modelled within the pages of MRJ, and reflects an architectural style that is commonly seen beside our railways today

    Tags: buildings, laser cutting, techniques

  • Canal Modelling

    Dave Rowe

    Issue 8 (1986)


    Dave Rowe discusses the desirability of canals as an adjunct to the model railway and details the building of his own famous 4mm scene, Leighton Buzzard. There's real water, too, if you want it.

    Tags: scenery, water / waterways

  • Cast Iron, Stone and Glass

    Geoff Taylor

    Issue 188 (2009)



    Using a wide variety of materials, Geoff Taylor freelances a 7mm scale terminus station, 'somewhere in the North Eastern Region'.

    Describes the construction of platforms, station building (scribed Das for stonework and resin castings for window and door surrounds) and canopies (with etched brass canopies).

    Tags: buildings, NER / North Eastern Railway, scratchbuilding

  • Challis Chalice

    Chris Kedgley

    Issue 163 (2005)



    P4 layout-building competition is a triumph for the Scalefour Societ

    Tags: layouts, societies

  • Chassis Building in the smaller scales

    Mike Bryant

    Issue 12 (1987)



    The essentials of split-frame construction in 2mm scale, by Mike Bryant.

    Tags: chassis

  • Clarendon

    Steve Lee

    Issue 190 (2009)



    Building a reliable, smooth-running exhibition layout is no sinecure, especially in P4. Steve Lee describes the experiences of the Leamington & Warwick club as their model of a pre-Group West London terminus slowly took shape.

    LNWR, 1900s.

    Tags: layouts, LNWR / London & North Western Railway, pre-grouping

  • Clarendon - Part 2

    Steve Lee

    Issue 191 (2009)



    Steve Lee continues with the description of the Leamington & Warwick club's experiences in building their P4 layout.

    LNWR, 1900s

    Tags: layouts, LNWR / London & North Western Railway, pre-grouping

  • Clarendon Signal Box

    John Gowers

    Issue 101 (1998)



    John Gowers blends two kits and a fair bit of scratchbuilding to model a larger-type LNWR signal box in 4mm scale.

    Using the London Road Models kit.

    Tags: buildings, kits, LNWR / London & North Western Railway, scratchbuilding, signal boxes

  • Clutton

    Tim Venton

    Issue 163 (2005)



    As an early convert to P4, Tim Venton has drawn on many years of practical experience in recreating the North Somerset landscape he knew in his youth. DCC and fully interlocked signalling are in, Pendon-style buildings and sprung coach bogies are definitely out.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts