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  • The Last Great Project - Part 4

    David Jenkinson

    Issue 92 (1997)



    The crucial research

    Tags: agriculture / farming, buildings, drawings / plans, layouts, scenery

  • The Lodge

    Ralph Burrows

    Issue 213 (2012)



    Here Ralph Burrows introduces us to his recent extension to Wanhurst, and, in particular, one of his fine buildings, The Lodge, an Arts and Crafts style house of handsome proportions, that dominates Wanhurst Common.

    Tags: buildings, layouts

  • The Many Faces of the '04'

    Monty Wells

    Issue 3 (1985)



    The class '04' shunter offers a wide range of opportunities for the modeller. Monty Wells looks at its many quirks and oddities, and examines the possibilities in 4mm scale.

    Extensive prototype notes, photos and drawings as well as details for building and improving the 4mm scale Vulcan etched brass kit.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, diesel locomotives, drawings / plans, etched brass, kits, product reviews, prototype, tramways

  • The NER P3 (in P4!)

    Tony Wilson

    Issue 72 (1994)



    Essex an Tony Wilson decided to take on the North East's finest by building a 4mm/P4 NER P3 from Dave Bradwell's state-of-the-art kit. Something fell on it (possibly the fluffy dice in the Capri) and he dropped it (probably dazzled by his medallion), but Tony eventually won. And no, it wasn't the world's first XR3i Turbo P3, but the very picture of North Eastern elegance and restraint.

    NER Wordsel P3 Class 0-6-0.

    Tags: kits, NER / North Eastern Railway, product reviews, steam locomotives

  • The Nissen Hut

    Tim Shackleton

    Issue 128 (2001)



    Tim Shackleton builds the inexpensive Nissen Hut kit from Trackside Models in 4mm

    Tags: buildings, kits

  • The Non-Corridor Project - Part 2

    David Jenkinson

    Issue 18 (1987)



    David Jenkinson gets down to building the carriages for MRJ's 7mm 'Inkerman Street' layout.

    Continued from issue 15.

    Tags: coaches, drawings / plans, LMS / London Midland & Scottish Railway, scratchbuilding

  • The Old Toll House

    Ralph Burrows

    Issue 247 (2016)



    Inspired by the architecture of Hampshire, Ralph Burrows found The Old Tollhouse by chance, and it has become the subject of another fine model on his Wanhurst layout previously featured in MRJ 174

    Tags: buildings, scratchbuilding

  • The R&W Paul and Burtons buildings

    Peter Johnson

    Issue 252 (2017)



    A chance visit to the docks in Ipswich inspired Peter Johnson to add these two waterfront buildings to those he was building for his Canada Street layout. In MRJ No. 245 he described the building of the Downing Maltings, and now he continues his eagerly awaited story about this dramatic, modernist building.

    Tags: buildings, industrial, plasticard / styrene

  • The Scenic Art of George Iliffe Stokes, 1900-1982

    Malcolm Mitchell

    Issue 13 (1987)


    George Iliffe Stokes possessed a remarkable modelling talent - a rich gift for realism that marked him down as one of the hobby's most important figures more than 30 years ago. In modelling, as in the rest of his amazing life, he was an adventurer, an innovator and an 'ideas man'. Malcolm Mitchell, one of our leading kit designers, was an intimate family friend of George and Doris Stokes and has produced this affectionate biography to MRJ's commission. It is the frank story of a man who has a unique place in the growth and refinement of small scale railway modelling. For the first time, Malcolm has made his enormous collection of Stokes' photographs and graphics available for publication.

    Tags: biography, buildings, scenery

  • The Tin Mission

    Gerry Hall

    Issue 51 (1991)



    Gerry hall builds a beautiful 4mm model of a widespread and peculiarly British institution - the 'shack of worship', for want of a better term. Invariably 'low church' and often reflecting lack of funds or some particularly pressing local need for soul-saving, they present modellers with an appealing blend of widely divergent architectural disciplines. This model is based on the example at Banbury, Oxfordshire, and is destined for David Ratcliff's LNWR layout of the same name.

    Tags: buildings, LNWR / London & North Western Railway, scratchbuilding