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  • The Bank

    Geoff Taylor

    Issue 131 (2001)



    Geoff Taylor returns to our pages with another of his superb 4mm buildings.

    Tags: buildings, scratchbuilding

  • The Bendy J17

    Jas Millham

    Issue 100 (1998)


    Getting scale locomotives round bends can drive you round the bend. Jas Millham resorted to building one of his S scale 0-6-0s as an 0-4-2-0 and and, despite an early attempt at mechanical suicide, ended up with a model which negotiated curves with silky smoothness.

    Tags: chassis, compensation / suspension, steam locomotives

  • The Craft of Carriage Building

    Alan Brackenborough

    Issue 253 (2017)



    It is tempting and reassuring to build models from kits, but sometimes the urge to make something a little different and individual can be far more satisfying. So when wishing to make another set of 7mm carriages to run the service between Oxford and Worcester on his beautiful garden line that we featured in MRJ 176, the opportunity arose for Alan Brackenborough to build not only something different, but also more fitting historically. After researching likely composition of the train, he settled on three different carriage diagrams, none of which were available as kits. Here he describes how he approached this project, explaining the methods he used to scratchbuild these Dean clerestory carriages in the well-worn and patched-up condition that they would have been in during the 1930s.

    Tags: coaches, GWR / Great Western Railway, plasticard / styrene, scratchbuilding

  • The Demolition Job

    Kier Hardy

    Issue 203 (2010)



    Keir Hardy shares the inspiration and ideas behind his new Hornsey Road layout and provides a foretaste of the surroundings with this skillful portrayal of an all too familiar site in the 1970s.

    Row of derelict terraced houses depicted in various stages of demolition.

    Tags: buildings

  • The Downing Maltings

    Peter Johnson

    Issue 245 (2016)



    Standing under the crumbling overbridge in the quiet of Merchant's Road, Peter Johnson tried to picture the noise and bustle of earlier times at Gloucester docks. He was drawn to the derelict maltings around him, and decided to include them in his developing 4mm Canada Street project.

    Tags: buildings, scratchbuilding, techniques

  • The Dunwich Pub

    Geoff Kent

    Issue 29 (1989)



    Geoff Kent is the buildings supremo on the celebrated 4mm exhibition layout Dunwich, featured for the first time anywhere in MRJ No.15. To illustrate the methods which have produced everything from tiny privies to monster maltings, we asked him to describe one of the layout's most characteristic structures, the Malt Shovel pub.

    Tags: buildings, scratchbuilding

  • The Engine and Tender

    Geoff Taylor

    Issue 126 (2001)



    We are again pleased to feature the work of Geoff Taylor who, in search of inspiration, took to the hills and ended up down the pub. Happily for us, he returned sober enough to build another exquisite 4mm model and tell us the tale.

    Tags: buildings, scratchbuilding

  • The fiddle yard for Grove Ferry Junction

    Robin Fielding

    Issue 199 (2010)



    It has become something of a tradition for fiddle yards on S Scale layouts to be hidden. This does, however, restrict the kind of system that can be used, as often the buildings screening the front can get in the way of the moving tracks. However, the approach that Robin Fielding is describing here allows the tracks to slide back and forth, and then at the end of an operating session the whole cassette can be pulled forward and turned around, ready to start again. A rather clever idea, me thinks!

    Tags: minimum space, storage

  • The Gas Works.

    Geoff Williams

    Issue 37 (1990)


    Geoff outlines the basic ingredients of a realistic gas works and explains how 'representative selection' provided the model Aylesbury with a suitably impressive example of an essential period.

    Tags: buildings, layouts

  • The Gutter Press

    Graham Rayner

    Issue 96 (1997)



    If ever a simple modelling tool deserved a prize, this is it! 4mm gutters made from scrap, foil containers.

    Tags: buildings, scratchbuilding