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  • Structures Worth Modelling - No.3

    John Wright

    Issue 32 (1989)


    Canal with mill & Albert Dock, Liverpool

    Tags: agriculture / farming, buildings, dioramas

  • Structures Worth Modelling - No.4

    John Wright

    Issue 36 (1990)


    An industrial line-side building cluster.

    Tags: agriculture / farming, buildings

  • Structures Worth Modelling - No.5

    John Wright

    Issue 45 (1991)


    A further drawing from the sketch book of John Wright.

    A group of Lakeland stone cottages

    Tags: buildings, drawings / plans

  • Suburban 'Motor Houses'

    Tim Shackleton

    Issue 104 (1998)



    They were the runt descendants of the grand old coach-houses and once covered suburbia like a rash. Pre-fabricated, free-standing garages - many of which still moulder in gardens and back plots - are not, however, without modelling attractions, as Tim Shackleton explains.

    Tags: buildings, dioramas, scratchbuilding

  • Swindon Works in 7mm

    John Dornom

    Issue 144 (2003)



    As well as superlative modelling skills, John Dornom brings an unexpected dimension to everything he builds. Remember the smoke effects on 'Laira' or the stunning use of light and shade on 'Roundhouse'? In John's hands, modelling Swindon's celebrated 'A' shop - once the biggest factory building in Europe - becomes an essay in reflections and wide-angle vision.

    Tags: dioramas, engine sheds / motive power depots / MPDs, GWR / Great Western Railway

  • Tafolog

    Michael Lloyd

    Issue 3 (1985)



    Inspired by Llangynog, the terminus of the erstwhile Tanat Valley Light Railway, Mike Lloyd's 7mm finescale layout represents Cambrian Railway practice around 1908. Mike first became acquainted with the TVLR in 1949 whilst employed as a forest worker near Lake Vyrnwy and, although he never travelled on the line, the beauty of the Tanat Valley and the rather ramshackle corrugated iron buildings at the stations impressed themselves upon his memory. When, in the late 1960s, the search was on for a suitable Cambrian prototype upon which to base an '0' gauge layout, The Tanat Valley branch resurrected itself in Mike's mind and Tafalog was born. In his own words Mike describes the rationale behind this unusually realistic 7mm scale layout, and the methods adopted in its construction.

    Cambrian/Taff Vale Light Railway

    Tags: Cambrian Railway, layouts, light railways, pre-grouping

  • Talyllyn Locomotives 1 and 2 in 1865/6 (1⁄4 inch to 1 foot scale)

    Peter Kazer

    Issue 240 (2015)



    Peter describes the research and building of 'Dolgoch' and 'Talyllyn'.

    Tags: locomotives, narrow gauge, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives, Talyllyn Railway

  • Tan-y-Grisau

    Trevor Hughes

    Issue 78 (1995)



    Trevor Hughes's beautiful rendition of the Ffestiniog in its heyday is built in S scale and required manufacturing techniques as well as artistry.

    Includes scale drawings and floorplans of Tan-y-Grisau station buildings.

    Tags: drawings / plans, Ffestiniog / Festiniog Railway, layouts, narrow gauge

  • Temples of Convenience

    Geoff Dowling

    Issue 27 (1988)


    Geoff Dowling models something no cityscape can do without and looks at some splendid examples of the genre, crying out for the etchers attention.

    Public toilet

    Tags: buildings, kits

  • The Amberley Limeworks - a signature model

    Peter Ross

    Issue 250 (2016)



    In New Zealand (total population 4.6 million) railway modellers are a fairly rare breed - especially those who choose to model the 'native' 3ft 6in gauge prototype in SN3½ (3/16 in scale on 16.5mm gauge track). As can be imagined, there is not a lot in the way of commercial support for this scale/gauge combination: a handful of cast and etched kits of variable quality, some very good fittings and components, and not a whiff of anything RTR. As seems often to be the case in such 'adverse' circumstances, the result has been the evolution of a tradition of modelmaking of the very highest quality, of which Peter Ross's portrait of a small lineside industry is a fine example - the more so as everything else on the layout is fully up to the same stunning standard!

    Tags: buildings, industrial, New Zealand