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  • J65 Postscript

    Barry Norman

    Issue 253 (2017)



    So far Barry Norman has described the building of a compensated chassis for his Scale 7 tank engine in MRJ 245 to the point at which it could be pushed freely along. The question is, what happened next?

    Tags: scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • Kilmacolm Station (LMS

    Geoff Taylor

    Issue 133 (2002)



    Geoff Taylor continues with another fine building project, but this time he's moved up a notch into 7mm construction.

    Tags: buildings, LMS / London Midland & Scottish Railway, scratchbuilding

  • Laser-cut parts

    David Lane

    Issue 236 (2015)



    Snaps of components for two waiting rooms produced by David Lane for the Risborough & District MRC's 4mm scale Aylesbury Town model.

    Tags: buildings, laser cutting

  • Lawrence Hill Junction Signal Box

    Robin Whittle

    Issue 209 (2011)



    Robin Whittle describes how he built this Midland Railway signal box for his Barrow Road engine shed layout.

    Tags: buildings, signal boxes

  • Leat Road

    David Measey

    Issue 79 (1995)



    David Measey's plans to model the stations of Launceston came to very little but they did introduce him to the joys of architectural modelling and sidetracked him into recording buildings around his Devon home. Inspired by the book 'Cottage Modelling for Pendon', his structures have so far taken precedence over the railway, but that will come. Meanwhile, his 4mm scale village basks in the sunlight of a bygone age.

    Tags: buildings, layouts, techniques

  • Lingdale Box

    Geoff Taylor

    Issue 172 (2007)



    Geoff Taylor builds a model of a typical North Eastern Railway signal cabin in 7mm scale.

    Tags: buildings, NER / North Eastern Railway, signal boxes

  • Llanastr

    Rodney Hall

    Issue 4 (1985)



    Rodney Hall's layout found its origins several years ago, when, exiled from his native Wales, he found himself in a flat far too small to accommodate the layout which he had been building based on the Brecon and Merthyr Railway station at Rhymney. In order to 'keep his hand in' and to have somewhere to run his stock, he decided to build a particularly compact layout that could be erected and dismantled in a short space of time. Here Rodney describes both the 'why' and the 'wherefore' and some of the techniques employed in the construction of his minimum space layout.

    Minimum space layout

    Tags: B&MR / BMR / Brecon & Merthyr Railway, layouts, minimum space, pre-grouping

  • Llanberis

    John Stockton Wood

    Issue 224 (2013)



    John Stockton Wood's fascination with Llanberis led him to research and commission the building of this 7mm model from the most skilled of our professional model makers.

    Tags: layouts

  • LNER Cattle Trucks

    Steve Banks

    Issue 87 (1996)



    Steve Banks examines the history of all LNER-built cattle wagons from Grouping to Nationalisation and beyond, building 4mm models using Parkside Dundas kits and specialist 'after-market' components.

    Tags: kits, LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, prototype, wagons

  • LNWR Wooden Station Components

    Jol Wilkinson

    Issue 90 (1996)



    The Premier Line's kit built timber stations are now available in 4mm plastic modules.

    Tags: buildings, kits, LNWR / London & North Western Railway, product reviews