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  • Evolution of a Nissen Hut

    Issue 129 (2001)


    Three photographs from the Great Northern Railway Society's archive showing the evolution of a Nissen hut between 1951 and 1956

    Tags: buildings, GNR / Great Northern Railway, lineside details, prototype

  • Expanded polystyrene buildings

    Roger Merry

    Issue 196 (2010)


    Roger Merry extols the virtues of expanded polystyrene food packaging as a quick and versatile source of modelling material - and it's cheap.

    Roger explains how he uses polystyrene packaging (and similar purpose-made products like Depron foamboard and Berol 'Press Print') to make buildings.

    Tags: buildings, techniques

  • Finnie's Garage

    Iain Robinson

    Issue 194 (2009)



    Iain Robinson describes the construction of a freelance model of a run down garage.

    Tags: buildings, scratchbuilding

  • Flint, Brick, Slate and Clay

    Gordon Gravett

    Issue 245 (2016)



    After introducing Arun Quay in MRJ 239, Gordon Gravett describes how he creates the structures, applies the texture, and paints the first buildings for his inspiring new 7mm scale project

    Tags: buildings, scratchbuilding, techniques

  • Forth Hotel

    Don Rowland

    Issue 189 (2009)



    Built for the East of Scotland Group's layout 'Burntisland'.

    Tags: buildings, plasticard / styrene

  • G.E.R. Stations - The '1865' Style

    Dave Holland

    Issue 6 (1986)



    Even though it did not cover the entire company territory, the GER's innovative station building system was so successful that it came to be regarded as that railway's 'typical' face. This is good news for modelling devotees of the eastern counties, as Dave Holland demonstrates.

    Extensive prototype information about the GER's 'standard' '1865' station building style with drawings and photographs. Also, Dave Holland builds a model of Rayne station in 2mm scale.

    Tags: buildings, drawings / plans, GER / Great Eastern Railway, prototype

  • Gupworthy Viaduct (part 2)

    David Nicolson

    Issue 249 (2016)


    7mm/7mm FS

    Following on from MRJ 244, David Nicholson completes his account of building a Brunel-style timber viaduct in 7mm scale

    Tags: bridges, GWR / Great Western Railway, layouts, scratchbuilding

  • Guttering in 2mm scale

    Tony Simms

    Issue 48 (1991)



    Really fine detail can lend a sense of scale and realism to any model building, ands well executed guttering and downpipes are the sort of components which are worth taking trouble with. Tony Simms describes a technique which should prove usefull to modellers in other scales.

    Tags: detailing, houses, scratchbuilding

  • GWR Cattle Wagon Variants - Part 1

    Martin Goodall

    Issue 24 (1988)



    Martin Goodall slips through the diagram book, noting the differences and building some 4mm/P4 examples of these distinctive GWR livestock vehicles.

    Part 1. Continued in issue 25.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, wagons

  • Half-Day Excursion to Blakeney

    Geoff Kent

    Issue 142 (2003)



    In the wake of Retford's appearance in the last issue, so many readers asked about the equally fabulous EM gauge layout with which it shares a home that we asked Geoff Kent to take us on a short tour. 'It seems hard to believe,' says Geoff, 'but the layout's been around for fourteen years now. One of these days I must get round to building a new train set...'

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts