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  • 2mm Down the Tube

    Stewart Hine

    Issue 43 (1990)



    The working Underground station on the Model Railway Club's remarkable 'Copenhagen Fields' layout is a project Stewart Hine stumbled into - and from which he coudn't escape! Representing a tiny prototype in a tiny scale was tricky enough, but it all had to be installed in the hot and gloomy bowels of the main baseboards - an automatic layout-within-a-layout.

    Tags: electrics / electronics, layouts, underground railways / tube

  • Arun Quay - an introduction

    Gordon Gravett

    Issue 239 (2015)



    Eagerly awaited, and not only by us at MRJ, is news of Gordon Gravett's successor to his beautiful Pempoul. Here, with original and thought-provoking clarity, he explains his reasoning that lay behind his design for Arun Quay and a return to Sussex in the 1950s.

    Tags: baseboards, BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts, SR / Southern Railway

  • Baseboards for Rugged Terrain

    Peter Tatlow

    Issue 251 (2016)


    Peter Tatlow discusses the merits of 'L girder' baseboard construction in relation to his Project Killicrankie layout scheme.

    Tags: baseboards

  • Baseboards for Thursford

    Ray Hammond

    Issue 99 (1997)


    Tags: baseboards

  • Blea Moor: Construction

    Peter Kirmond

    Issue 148 (2004)


    Peter Kirmond turns off the computer and plugs in his router, ready to explore new ways of building lightweight ply baseboards.

    Tags: baseboards, layouts

  • Bucks Hill - The Scenic Elements

    Kevin Wilson

    Issue 169 (2006)



    Having built the baseboards for his new 7mm layout, Kevin Wilson could turn his attention to the scenic features. The first priority was to lay the grass - acres and acres of it.

    Tags: scenery

  • Copenhagen Fields - the baseboards

    Tim Watson, John Birkett-Smith, Mike Randall

    Issue 18 (1987)



    The layout under construction by a group of the Model Railway Club's 2mm scale modellers is one of the most talked about modelling projects for years. Everything about 'Copenhagen Fields' is radical and needs to be - for 'Chiltern Green' is a hard act to follow. Here, Tim Watson, John Birkett-Smith and Mike Randall discuss the layout's remarkable baseboards in the first of several articles which will trace the project's development.

    Tags: baseboards, layout design, layouts

  • Extending Benfieldside

    John Wright

    Issue 57 (1992)



    John Wright's magnificent NER layout in 4mm/EM has grown, acquiring a new baseboard containing an impressive bridge and additional village structures. The full layout appeared in MRJ No.38 - these views bring us up to date.

    Tags: layouts, NER / North Eastern Railway, pre-grouping

  • Fence Houses

    Bob Jones, Les Waters

    Issue 207 (2011)


    2mm/2mm FS

    With a circuit providing a scale equivalent of 3 miles, Bob Jones' Fence Houses may well be the biggest 2mm Finescale layout in the world. Here, Les Waters, a member of the team behind it, explains how he persuaded Bob to make the most of new technology.

    Planning, baseboards and lighting, trackwork, wiring, turnout motors and decoders, operation and future plans.

    Tags: electrics / electronics, layouts, operation, track / trackwork / PW / Permanent Way, turnouts / points / pointwork / crossings

  • Floating 7mm Track

    Alan Benson

    Issue 217 (2012)



    Mindful of drumming baseboards spoiling the sound of his locos, Alan Benson makes some proper floating track for his S7 home layout.

    Tags: layouts, track / trackwork / PW / Permanent Way