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  • A Backscene for Burford

    Martin Goodall

    Issue 220 (2013)


    In the first part of this article, Martin Goodall reveals his thoughts about planning the background to his layout, and then explains how to draw the scene in a simple and convincing way.

    Tags: backscenes, techniques

  • A Backscene for Burford - Part Two

    Martin Goodall

    Issue 221 (2013)


    After drafting his backscene, Martin Goodall now guides us through the painting of the sky, buildings and trees, in the second part of this valuable and helpful article.

    Tags: backscenes, techniques

  • A low relief backscene for Bucks Hill

    Paul Bambrick

    Issue 238 (2015)



    Designing a backscene when a layout is already nearing completion is not exactly an ideal situation, but that is when Paul Bambrick stepped in at Bucks Hill to do just that.

    Tags: backscenes, GWR / Great Western Railway, layouts, scenery

  • Backscenes for Bramblewick

    Tom Harland

    Issue 65 (1993)



    Tom Harland explains how to produce subtle backscenes, of the type that have worked so well on his own 4mm masterpiece.

    Tags: backscenes, paints / painting

  • Custom-made backscene

    Roger Lycett-Smith

    Issue 228 (2014)


    Roger Lycett-Smith describes the method he used to create the backscene for his Cambrian layout.

    Tags: backscenes

  • Into the Distance

    Gordon Gravett

    Issue 243 (2015)


    A backscene can create a sense of space and Gordon Gravett has achieved this using simple techniques to paint a scene that the eye is aware of, but not drawn to. With a portable layout like Pempoul he has also explored the use of one long scene that successfully avoids a succession of joins that can spoil a removable background.

    Tags: backscenes

  • Tollesbury Quay

    Martin Stringer

    Issue 246 (2016)



    Martin Stringer writes about his 7mm scale layout that has captured a tantalising hint of distinctive East Anglian coastal marsh landscape spreading out towards the horizon beneath a seemingly endless sky

    Includes details for an interesting tent-inspired method of using a fabric cloth for the sky

    Tags: backscenes, BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts