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  • Altered Alex Jacksons

    Vincent de Bode

    Issue 123 (2000)


    Vincent de Bode has been experimenting with Alex Jackson couplings for some time in the hope of making them more prototypical in appearance and more reliable in operation.

    Tags: couplings

  • Rayhamming the Davin Bouncer

    Ray Hammond

    Issue 102 (1998)


    The decades-long search for a perfect mechanism to replicate the distinct bounce of full-size semaphores reached new heights in 1993, when Dave Doe and Vincent de Bode unveiled their remarkable 'Davin Bouncer' - a compact, easy-to-build and reliable box of tricks. Ray Hammond had to have one for his 'Thursford' layout, but, being Ray, he thought he could refine it. The fact that visiting the underside of 'Thursford' is now a regular exhibition activity is testament to the success of the 'Rayham' variation. Here's how he did it.

    Tags: electrics / electronics, operation, signals / signalling

  • The Simplest Signal Bouncer?

    Vincent de Bode, Dave Doe

    Issue 67 (1993)



    Yes, the search for the elusive signal bounce is still in progress! Experience suggests that viewers rarely notice this tiny prototypical touch, and probably don't give a damn when they do - but modellers who have witnessed the heavy, clunking motion of real semaphore signals seem compelled to replicate it in miniature. This mechanism, devised by Dave Doe and Vincent de Bode of the Netherlands Area Group of the Scalefour Society, is the simplest we've seen so far.

    Tags: operation, signals / signalling