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  • Roye England's Modelling Notebooks - Part 9 Plants and Flowers

    Stephen Williams, Roye England

    Issue 133 (2002)



    In this penultimate set of extracts from Roye Englad's modelling notes, we focus upon one of the most remarkable of his skills and perhaps the facet of his modelling that attracts most attention and admiration from the general visitors to Pendon - his ability to model plants and flowers. Here. perhaps, we find the ultimate expression of his skill in observing the real world; in developing - by experimentation - ways of capturing the qualities of real plants in miniature; and the painstaking application of those methods to produce miniature gardens of unrivalled finesse. However, not all his miniature plants were modelled exactly. Where the plant itself offered little in the way of distinctive structure, more impressionistic approaches could be used to effect. Here is a short explanation of how he modelled small white flowers - the species not being recorded - for the front garden of Middlecot in the Chapel Group.

    Tags: scenery, techniques

  • Sandon Station

    Stephen Williams

    Issue 19 (1988)



    A North Staffordshire Railway station in 4mm scale, built and described by Stephen Williams.

    Tags: buildings, drawings / plans, North Staffordshire Railway

  • Station Road, Faringdon

    Stephen Williams

    Issue 270 (2019)



    Stephen Williams describes a new development on a well-known P4 layout

    Tags: buildings, layouts, scenery, scratchbuilding

  • Stewart Hine - a Founder Member of Pendon

    Stephen Williams

    Issue 268 (2019)


    Stewart Hine obituary

    Tags: obituaries

  • The Victory Bar

    Stephen Williams

    Issue 257 (2017)



    Stephen Williams explains how he set about capturing a mundane but irresistible everyday building from teh 1950s in 4mm scale

    Tags: buildings, scratchbuilding

  • Upgrading Etched Coach Kits

    Stephen Williams

    Issue 13 (1987)



    Pendon Museum senior coachbuilder Stephen Williams runs through the construction of etched brass coach kits and passes on many of the hints and wrinkles which transform ordinary coach models into coaching stock fit for Pendon's superb EM gauge network. The basic message is the anyone can do it, but whatever your level of experience, these are tips worth having.

    Tags: coaches, detailing, etched brass, kits

  • 'Royal Engineer'

    Stephen Williams

    Issue 149 (2004)



    Stephen Williams builds the Brassmasters 'Rebuilt Scot'.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, kits, steam locomotives