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  • A Small Brecon & Merthyr Signal Box

    Rodney Hall

    Issue 2 (1985)



    Rodney Hall describes an attractive structure intended for his minimum space layout.

    Plasticard model constructed by Rodney Hall for his layout 'Lanastr'. Includes prototype details and 4mm scale drawings of Rhiwderin box, on which the model is based.

    Tags: B&MR / BMR / Brecon & Merthyr Railway, buildings, drawings / plans, prototype, signal boxes

  • Llanastr

    Rodney Hall

    Issue 4 (1985)



    Rodney Hall's layout found its origins several years ago, when, exiled from his native Wales, he found himself in a flat far too small to accommodate the layout which he had been building based on the Brecon and Merthyr Railway station at Rhymney. In order to 'keep his hand in' and to have somewhere to run his stock, he decided to build a particularly compact layout that could be erected and dismantled in a short space of time. Here Rodney describes both the 'why' and the 'wherefore' and some of the techniques employed in the construction of his minimum space layout.

    Minimum space layout

    Tags: B&MR / BMR / Brecon & Merthyr Railway, layouts, minimum space, pre-grouping

  • Small Suppiers Forum

    Issue 52 (1992)


    Slater's 4mm Midland Clayton coaches and RCH 7-plank wagon kits. Impetus Models 4mm & 7mm Hudswell Clarke saddle tank kits. Puffers Handbook of Products. Brassmasters 4mm LMS 'Jubilee' kit. Model Signal Engineering contact details. Bill Bedford contact details. Peco 4mm concrete track components. Rodney Hall whitemetal/brass Gloucester PO wagon kits.

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