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  • A Midland Lighter

    Richard Ellis

    Issue 266 (2018)



    Richard Ellis builds a barge (or lighter) operated by the Midland Railway

    Tags: boats / ships, MR / Midland Railway

  • Boxes, Crates and Barrels

    Richard Ellis

    Issue 264 (2018)



    Richard Ellis describes how he made various boxes, crates and barrels for his 7mm Monk's Gate layout

    Tags: lineside details, scenery, scratchbuilding

  • Hard Yards

    Richard Ellis

    Issue 269 (2019)



    When Richard Ellis wrote about 'A Midland Lighter' in MRJ 266, we could see tantalising glimpses of the adjacent yard. This introduced us to his 'Midland in Bristol' diorama, and here he describes how he creates the undulating surfaces and textures of the yard surface, a topic rarely visited in detail, but one that most will face when building a layout

    Tags: goods yards, lineside details, scenery, scratchbuilding

  • Midland Goods Office

    Richard Ellis

    Issue 260 (2018)



    Characterised by careful observation and fine modelling, is this small goods office, the work of Richard Ellis. Admitting to having a bit of a 'thing' about brickwork, he draws our attention to the different bonds that are commonly used in building construction, and then explains with clarity how he models them. We were excited by the realism of his work, and feel sure you will be too

    Tags: buildings, goods yards, MR / Midland Railway