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  • Corris

    Peter Kazer

    Issue 66 (1993)



    After many years spent learning the narrow gauge ropes, Peter Kazer finally lit upon the perfect prototype to model: Corris. Then he went and chose an unusual non-commercial scale, setting himself up for a decade of scratchbuilding.

    Tags: Corris Railway, layouts, narrow gauge

  • Corris Railway No. 4 - twice!

    Peter Kazer

    Issue 223 (2013)



    Some projects are not as straightforward as we anticipate and here Peter Kazer points out some of the problems he encountered in building two beautiful 1/4inch scale models of Corris (and later Talyllyn) No.4.

    Tags: Corris Railway, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives, Talyllyn Railway

  • Ironstone Wharf at Boot

    Peter Kazer

    Issue 220 (2013)


    Writes Peter Kazer: "When I planned the layout, I knew this would be the most difficult area, as I know of only one photograph of the quarry building, and that is in a state of dereliction and in the background. However, as serving the quarry was the main purpose for building the line in the first place, there was no getting away from the fact that it would have to appear, as 1880 was its heyday."

    Tags: industrial, layouts, narrow gauge

  • Owd Ratty

    Peter Kazer

    Issue 206 (2011)



    For what he says will be his last layout, Peter Kazer has pulled out all the stops to capture the essence of the original 3ft gauge Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway which closed in 1913. Using a scale of 1/4in to 1 foot, he has scratchbuilt everything and the result is a wonderfully sensitive portrait of the simple and remote terminus at Boot.

    Tags: layouts, Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway

  • Sand Hutton

    Peter Kazer

    Issue 168 (2006)



    In modelling the least-documented of all English narrow-gauge railways, Peter Kazer chose to use 1/4in scale rather than true 7mm. The outcome is a highly individual representation of an unusual and attractive prototype.

    Tags: layouts, narrow gauge, Sand Hutton Railway

  • Sand Hutton

    Peter Kazer

    Issue 169 (2006)



    Peter Kazer describes the construction of the locomotives and stock for his 1/4in scale layout.

    Tags: narrow gauge, Sand Hutton Railway

  • Second Time Around

    Peter Kazer

    Issue 188 (2009)



    "After completing Sand Hutton, I had not intended to start anything new but an invitation to demonstrate at Warley made me ponder. I realised that with nothing under construction, I would not be able to carry out the request. The choice of what to do took me back to the 1970s when I had produced a model of parts of the Festiniog railway in 4mm to 1ft. I had been reasonably happy with the double Fairlie locomotives but the single had always been a hotchpotch mechanically. I therefore decided to build a model of 'Taliesen' at 1/4 in to 1ft and since it was highly unlikely that it would ever have a layout to run on, it would be in its earliest guise..."

    Scratchbuilt construction of Festiniog railway single Fairlie 0-4-4T 'Taliesen'.

    Tags: Ffestiniog / Festiniog Railway, locomotives, narrow gauge, scratchbuilding

  • Talyllyn Locomotives 1 and 2 in 1865/6 (1⁄4 inch to 1 foot scale)

    Peter Kazer

    Issue 240 (2015)



    Peter describes the research and building of 'Dolgoch' and 'Talyllyn'.

    Tags: locomotives, narrow gauge, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives, Talyllyn Railway

  • 'Old Ratty'

    Peter Kazer

    Issue 197 (2010)


    When Peter Kazer turns his attention to one of his narrow gauge interests, you can be assured of some impressive modelling. This time he is tackling the old 3ft gauge Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway which closed in 1913 when iron ore traffic failed. Photographs showing the lonely line crossing the remote landscape of West Cumberland are deeply enticing but it takes courage to attempt to capture its magic. We can't wait to see the result, but in the meantime we proudly bring you a preview of some of Peter's beautifully made stock. This is narrow gauge modelling at its best.

    Tags: narrow gauge, Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway