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  • A Claud for tight curves

    Jas Millham

    Issue 199 (2010)



    After leaving the mainline at Bishop's Yaxford, and passing through Rookfield and Coldbridge, the parcels train caused much excitement when it arrived at Yaxbury. This was the first time a Claud Hamilton had been seen on the branch. With the arrival of a new locomotive on the Yaxbury Branch I was interested to find out how Jas Millham had managed to build an engine that would negotiate his tight curves and haul its train faultlessly. Here he explains how he blended an articulated chassis with compensation and split frames to create something a little unusual.

    GER Claud Hamilton (LNER D14/D15/D16) 4-4-0

    Tags: GER / Great Eastern Railway, LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • A Fiddle Yard Turntable

    Jol Wilkinson

    Issue 214 (2012)



    A turntable for the London Road fiddle yard.

    Tags: layouts, LNWR / London & North Western Railway, scratchbuilding, turntables

  • A Gresley One-off

    Bob Merry

    Issue 146 (2003)



    Bob Merry takes a razor saw to a Martin Finney A4 and comes up with a stunning 7mm model of the rebuilt W1.

    Tags: LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, steam locomotives

  • A Sentinel in S Scale

    John Holden

    Issue 244 (2016)



    John Holden describes how he built his LNER sentinel steam railmotor using a 3mm etch from Worsley Works that was 'blown-up' to S scale

    Tags: LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, railcars, scratchbuilding

  • A Summer Outing for the Twins

    Richard Nice

    Issue 186 (2008)



    Richard Nice mixes and matches components from various sources to create an accurate EM gauge portrait of an ex-LNER non-corridor articulated set, once a common sight on suburban and excursion workings.

    Etched sides from Southern Pride and components from Comet, MJT, ABS and Markits.

    Tags: coaches, etched brass, kits, LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, RTR / kit conversions

  • A tale of two Y7s

    John Holden

    Issue 199 (2010)



    This simple engine with plenty of character, is an ideal first step into kit building, and a great place to build the confidence needed to tackle something more adventurous. Here John Holden (who describes himself as a raw amateur) introduces us to the bits and pieces that can be collected together to enable us to build our first S Scale locomotive.

    LNER Class Y7 (NER Class H) 0-4-0

    Tags: LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • An N2 for Widened Lines

    Allan Sibley

    Issue 20 (1988)



    At last, the definitive story of a large and widely varied class of workhorses. Allan Sibley, having turned over a lot of previously untouched stones, finds a mind-boggling array of variants and builds a P4 example for 'Pampisford'.

    Tags: drawings / plans, LNER / London & North Eastern Railway, prototype, steam locomotives

  • Aylesbury LNWR

    Geoff Williams

    Issue 0 (1985)



    Geoff Williams' model of Aylesbury, LNWR, has never been publicly exhibited, yet it is known to serious modellers throughout the country as a 4mm scale classic a pioneering 'elder statesman' among finescale layouts. The photographs shown here amply demonstrate how it managed to grab the imagination and affection of so many without ever having strayed from its Hertfordshire attic. The project grew up with Geoff's three sons, who all acquired father;s Euston bug and are now very much a part of the 'life's work' approach to the model. The years have wrought many changes and developments, which our pictures now bring completely up-to-date. But we are jumping ahead of the story. Aylesbury had to be stumbled upon and a false (if educational) start made before the present masterpiece could commence. These are Geoff's own words.

    Tags: layouts, LNWR / London & North Western Railway, pre-grouping

  • Aylesbury Station

    Geoff Williams

    Issue 59 (1992)



    In pre-Group and early Grouping days, the local railway station had genuine community importance. Virtually all arrivals and departures had economic significance and the people who worked there were held in high esteem - which was often reflected in the proud way they presented 'their' station to the world. Geoff Williams's 4mm model of Aylesbury station captures this atmosphere of activity, pride and community awareness in a remarkable way.

    Tags: layouts, LNWR / London & North Western Railway, pre-grouping

  • Banbury 'North Western

    David Ratcliff

    Issue 28 (1989)



    Inspired by Geoff Williams, whose magnificent model of Aylesbury, LNWR, appeared in the very first MRJ, David Ratcliff has built his own stretch of the North Western, also in EM. It is a curious fact that the old LNWR, which in its own time commanded great public respect and bred perfectionism among its staff, still holds modern day enthusiasts in similar thrall. Banbury is an outstanding example.

    Tags: layouts, LNWR / London & North Western Railway, pre-grouping