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  • Alternative Trailers

    Mike Jolly, Mike Clarke

    Issue 9 (1986)



    There have ben many conversions of the popular and dimensionally accurate Airfix auto-coach since its first appearance.However, despite previous accounts and even a specialist conversion kit, things are not always as simple as they seem. The R-T-R model falls between two stools so Scalefour Society members Mike Jolly and Mike Clarkehave each taken different diagrams and produced some really worthwhile results. Mike Jolly tackled the A30 using the hitherto scant published information, whilst out of their frustration and after some heavy coaxing (and heavy hints!), Mike Clarke subsequently sought out the prototypes and carried out a thorough investigation and built the A28. Thus the myth that the GWR has been exhaustively catered for in existing publications is exploded again.

    Comprehensive, step-by-step conversion details including drawings and prototype photos.

    Tags: auto-coaches / auto-trailers, coaches, drawings / plans, GWR / Great Western Railway, prototype, RTR / kit conversions, RTR / ready-to-run

  • Artwork Rules OK!

    Mike Clark

    Issue 228 (2014)


    With detailed notes and diagrams, Mike Clark provides an invaluable guide for anyone intent on producing artwork for etching.

    Tags: photo etching, techniques

  • Flushed With Success

    Ian Pember, Mike Clark

    Issue 118 (2000)



    The new Bachmann Mk I coaches are superb, their flush-glazing finally outclassing the much lamented Kitmasters of the 1960s. We have waited a long time for plastic mouldings like this and these RTR models don't require much work for use on P4. Here Ian Pember leads with a simple conversion, whilst, using a series of sketches, Mike Clark details more ambitious improvements. WE present their separate accounts alongside one another to enable readers to select their own level of details.

    Tags: coaches, detailing, RTR / ready-to-run

  • Hampstead Norris: Four outings and a funeral

    Mike Clark

    Compendium 3 (1997)



    Purchased unfinished, sawn in half, sold, bought back and prettified, the P4 layout Hampstead Norris had a blighted life. It managed four exhibition showings before heading into the skip. It wasn't perfect but, says Mike Clark, it did look nice.

    Tags: GWR / Great Western Railway, layouts

  • Late LMS Coaches - Part 2. Underframe Detail (and Extras)

    Mike Clark

    Issue 49 (1991)


    Now we come to the tricky bits, Mike Clark concludes his finescale batch-build.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, coaches, drawings / plans, kits, LMS / London Midland & Scottish Railway

  • Late LMS Coaches in 4mm

    Mike Clark

    Issue 48 (1991)



    A project which started as a relatively simple review of available 4mm kits turned into a major research and development exercise for Mike Clark. In the first of two articles, he explains the tortured route that eventually led to the completion of three superb vehicles - LMS open and corridor thirds and a BR-built brake third.

    Brake Third - built 1950 by BR, Comet kit modified underframe. Open Third - LMS Diagram No.D1915, Badgeer kit with Jackson-Evans sides. Corridor Third - LMS Diagram No.D1899, Comet kit.

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, kits, LMS / London Midland & Scottish Railway, RTR / kit conversions

  • Single Scissors Gangways in 4mm

    Mike Clarke

    Issue 21 (1988)



    Mike Clark examines a new offering from Brian Badger which goes some way towards overcoming the problems posed by coach gangways.

    Tags: coaches, components, detailing, kits, product reviews