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  • BRILL - Metroland's Rural Outpost

    Vic Nutton, Trevor Polding, Den Robinson, Garry Wells

    Issue 24 (1988)



    'Brill', the most rural outpost of Metroland, is well known to modellers, having been frequently hailed for its layout potential. Now its been done - in the heart of Yorkshire. The authors explain why they chose to build a 4mm/EM replica of a unique London/Home Counties line in Huddersfield.

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  • Home Casting

    Ken De-Groome

    Issue 220 (2013)


    Operatino of the intense Metropolitan Electric service relied on the railway's Bo-Bo, a favourite with us at MRJ and with Ken De-Groome. Here, using the roof of one of these engines as an example, he shows us how to make a casting in urethane resin, explaining what you need, and how to do it.

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  • Locust

    Paul Marchese

    Issue 129 (2001)



    In MRJ 87 we featured the work of Paul Marchese and many of you wrote in asking for updates on his work. Well we are pleased to present his latest masterpiece - a Broad Gauge Metropolitan well tank, built to S7 standards.

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  • Metropolitan Junction

    Andy Avis

    Issue 246 (2016)



    D. A. Williams was a regular contributor to the model railway press in the 1950s and 1960s. Andy Avis has been reviewing his many articles and has been granted access to his letters and nots to provide this short biography of a man that inspired a generation of modellers and made a significant contribution to what we now know as finescale modelling

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  • MRJ Portfolio

    Issue 9 (1986)



    It is all very well expending thousands of words on the wonders of 4mm finescale modelling, but those who do not yet indulge might reasonably ask for the evidence. So here it is, unadulterated by technical data, blow-by-blow constructional descriptions and the philosophical ramblings so beloved of us rivet-counters. Everything in this secgtion of 'Portfolio' is the work of Scalefour Society members. And every picture has been submitted because the modellers involved believe that membership of the society has helped them progress. In MRJ's view, the real case for 'going finescale' rests in these illustrated pages.

    Dock scene from 'Exbridge' by Dave & Shirley Rowe. Pendon cottages by Stephen Williams. Metropolitan Railway coaches by Clive Croome. Merchant Navy pacific by Alan Ketley,

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  • MRJ Portfolio

    Issue 195 (2009)



    Photo of Metropolitan A class 4-4-0T at Whitchurch Road station on Paul Banbrick's 7mm layout portraying a might-have-been wayside station along the Metropolitan main line. To be featured in MRJ in the new year.

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  • Real Atmosphere

    Issue 30 (1989)


    Metropolitan Railway Beyer Peacock 4-4-0T No.55.

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  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 49 (1991)


    London Road Models, Metropolitan's Chesham shuttle set. Branchlines, 'Multibox' two stage gear box. Tupperware, 'mini hobby keeper'. Nonneminster Models, Sentinal/Rolls Royce four wheel diesel hydraulic white metal kit. Steve Barnfield, 4mm kits, NER Class H 0-4-0T (LNER Y7), H2 0-6-0T (LNER J79),NER coach kits. Industrial Railway Society, revised handbook Ex-BR Diesels In Industry, compiled by Adrian Booth. Impetus, 4mm 08 etched chassis kit, 7mm loco kits, B1, Crab and V2. Sharman Wheels. GW Models, 4mm components. D&S Models 4mm ex-LNER push-pull set.

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  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 223 (2013)


    RT Models releases a 4mm scale kit for an industrial contractors wooden side tipping wagon (Manchester Ship Canal type); the Cumbrian Railway Association releases brass castings for a combined coach axlebox/spring/W-iron unit used by the Furness Railway, Maryport & Carlisle Railway, Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway and the Metropolitan Railway Carriage & Wagon Company; Shawplan releases etched window frames for the class 47 and laser-cut windows for the VI Train 37; EDM Models releases a 7mm kit for the Penrhyn locomotives Linda, Blanche or Charles or the Ffestiniog Railway versions.

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  • The earliest underground stock

    Paul Marchese

    Issue 162 (2005)



    Paul Marchese builds two rakes of 7mm scale coaches from broad-gauge days.

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