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  • The Rat - A rolling stock axle alignment thingy

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 109 (1999)


    A home-made devise to ensure that axles are fixed parallel to each other.

    Tags: chassis, tools

  • The shape of things to come

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 160 (2005)



    This is something we've been eagerly awaiting for a long, long time - a group of work-in-progress views of Martyn Welch's exquisite ex-GER J15 0-6-0 in Scale 7.

    Tags: GER / Great Eastern Railway, locomotives, steam locomotives

  • The Tin Turtle

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 77 (1995)



    Martyn builds a kit for the tiny Motor Rail Simplex, 40HP industrial.

    Tags: industrial, kits, lathes

  • The worse for wear...

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 161 (2005)



    It's easy to forget Martyn Welch is a fine model-maker as well as the weatherer par excellence. Here he combines his mechanical and artistic skills to create a humdrum 0-6-0 that looks as if it's seen a lifetime of rough shunts and bodged repairs. In the first part of the story, he explains how he faithfully replicates the prototype's bumps, quirks and eccentricities using techniques that can be applied to virtually any loco-building project.

    Tags: steam locomotives, weathering

  • Wagon Loads No. 3: The Joy Of Sacks

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 67 (1993)


    You can use exotic Oriental techniques, says Martyn Welch, or more natural British methods.

    Representing sacked wagon loads.

    Tags: detailing, wagons

  • Wagon Loads No.1: Sheeted Vehicles

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 65 (1993)



    Martyn Welch, creator of the landmark 7mm layout, 'Hursley', returns to MRJ, bringing his remarkable talents to bear on the modelling of wagon loads. In this first article, he uses straightforward and widely applicable techniques to make convincing representations of the uniquitous tarpaulin.

    Tags: detailing, wagons

  • Wagon Loads No.2: Heavy Metal

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 66 (1993)



    Martyn Welch enjoys bars and steel bands, in that order, as he demonstrates with his latest 7mm wagon loads.

    Steel girders and steel coils.

    Tags: detailing, wagons

  • Wagon Loads No.4: The Empty

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 68 (1994)



    Plenty of wagons ran load-less for part of their working life. Martyn Welch builds a wagon with working doors - a versatile model suitable for a part-loaded yard cameo.

    Tags: detailing, kits, wagons

  • Wagon Loads No.5: Nutty Slack

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 69 (1994)



    A search for the most predictable load of all finds that coal ain't just coal.

    Tags: detailing, wagons

  • Wagon Loads No.6: Loose Floorboards

    Martyn Welch

    Issue 70 (1994)


    Floorboards, battens, beams, branches and boles - indeed timber of every description once rode the rails.

    Tags: detailing, wagons