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  • 30586 in EM

    Iain Rice

    Issue 159 (2005)



    Iain Rice fulfills a long-held dream and builds a Beattie well tank.

    Tags: SR / Southern Railway, steam locomotives

  • A Brace of Hudswell Clarkes

    Iain Rice

    Issue 38 (1990)



    Iain RIce builds two six-coupled engines from the same stable and designed to do substantially the same job. Each, however, presented radically different problems, resulting in one - the hare - rolling through the workshop in a week, while the second - the tortoise, naturally - took around six years and 51 weeks longer.

    Mid-Suffolk Light Railway Hidswell Clarke 0-6-0T No. 2 and Easingwold Railway Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0T No. 2.

    Tags: drawings / plans, MSLR / Mid-Suffolk Light Railway, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • A Cambrian Tailpiece

    Iain Rice

    Issue 57 (1992)


    Iain Rice caves into yet another weakness and builds a 4mm model of No.10, a Cambrian charmer.

    Scratchbuilt Cambrian brake van

    Tags: brake vans, Cambrian Railway, plasticard / styrene, pre-grouping, scratchbuilding

  • A Simple EM Chassis

    Louis Baycock

    Issue 15 (1987)



    Starting in finer 4mm scale modelling has never been easier, according to MRJ credo. Here, in the context of this EM Special, we've set out to prove it by assigning a 'first step' job to a genuine EM beginner - the Reverend Louis Baycock (Iain Rice's rector and, until recently, an N-gauger). We gave him a small bag of goodies and a lot of encouragement; this is what he brought back.

    Construction of Perseverance chassis with DS10 motor, Romford gears and Ultrascale wheels for the Dapol 'N2' body.

    Tags: chassis

  • Airbrushes - the inside view

    Iain Rice, Tim Shackleton, Gordon Gravett, Martyn Welch, Tony Sissons

    Issue 159 (2005)


    Catalogues and product surveys can only tell you so much. When push comes to shove, there's nothing like the word-of-mouth verdict of someone who knows what they're talking about. Six well-known modellers explain the whys and wherefores of their particular choice of airbrush.

    Tags: paints / painting, product reviews, tools

  • Arkinstall's - a modernised mill

    Iain Rice

    Issue 30 (1989)



    Iain Rice describes the construction of a picturesque 4mm watermill, brought into our more Phillistine age by the addition of a couple of architectural carbuncles.

    Tags: agriculture / farming, buildings, scratchbuilding

  • Bob Barlow obituaries

    Iain Rice, Barry Norman, Gerry Beale, Paul Karau

    Issue 240 (2015)


    Bob Barlow, 1950-2015. Memories from the original MRJ team.

    Tags: obituaries

  • Bromley's 'Be-Riveted Drudge'

    Iain Rice

    Issue 0 (1985)



    Iain Rice describes the construction of his latest 4mm scale model.

    GER M12

    Tags: GER / Great Eastern Railway, scratchbuilding, steam locomotives

  • Butley Mills

    Iain Rice

    Issue 9 (1986)



    Iain Rice's little bit of Suffolk in Devon is finished at last. It's taken a while, but, to be fair, he did have to do it all by pushbike! 'The Mills' is an ideal P4 starter - or a useful sharpener for the more experienced.

    East Suffolk Light Railway, minimum space 1950s-era layout.

    Tags: layouts, light railways, minimum space

  • East Suffolk Ramblings

    Iain Rice, Bob Barlow

    Issue 150 (2004)



    In the early 1980s, the East Suffolk ight was the definitive statement of the finescale ethos - which, to a degree, it still is. It looked beautiful, it broke acres of new ground and at times it ran abominably. More to the point, MRJ was born amid its rambling trackage and bleak salt marshes. Twenty-odd years on, Iain Rice explains what the ESLR was all about, while Bob Barlow's captions pick out some of the things that worked brilliantly andothers that didn't.

    Tags: layouts, light railways