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  • 4F in EM

    Geoff Haynes

    Issue 164 (2006)



    Geoff Haynes builds a top-of-the-range kit for this splendid LMS workhorse and finds that, for all the imagined complexity of its working inside motion, it's a surprisingly simple locomotive to put together.

    Tags: kits, LMS / London Midland & Scottish Railway, steam locomotives

  • A 7mm Scale Underframe

    Geoff Haynes

    Issue 224 (2013)



    Geoff Haynes builds a new kit by Hobby Holidays, and discovers the joy of making something that works just like the prototype.

    Tags: wagons

  • The Master Chassis

    Geoff Haynes

    Issue 170 (2006)


    4mm/00, 4mm/EM, 4mm/P4, 7mm/0, 7mm/S7

    Geoff Haynes read-tests a remarkable piece of kit - a multi-purpose assembly jig that, he feels, deserves to find a home in every loco-builder's workshop.

    Tags: chassis, product reviews, tools