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  • Llangunllo in EM

    Geoff Forster

    Issue 245 (2016)



    Geoff Forster has always considered a through station served by two fiddle yards or whatever to be a waste of good modelling space, but not anymore. He now enjoys watching the train appear to arrive from one place and travel on elsewhere - so he asks "Who indeed needs a large layout? Despite Llangunllo's small size and nature, it is very interesting to operate. The lever frame certainly adds something extra to the operation, and takes me back to those happy days when I would be invited to pull a lever in the local signal box. What a struggle that could be, and woe betide me if I didn't wipe my shoes before entering the box."

    Tags: BR / British Railways / British Rail, layouts

  • Penhydd Station

    Geoff Forster

    Issue 211 (2011)



    'Times were hard in the fifties but we had wonderful parents and never went without', writes Geoff Forster. 'My late father, though not a railway enthusiast, did take a keen interest and took me spotting most weekends. I was lucky to see the steam-worked branch and even travel on it, and of course I saw the dawn of the diesel and the demise of steam. How I wish I had kept all my old notebooks, bought a decent camera and learned how to use it! It was a way of life that we took for granted and never expected it would all be swept away so quickly. However, I still have some wonderful memories to dwell on, and modelling is a wonderful way of capturing the past.' Here Geoff introduces us to Penhydd, and describes how he built the station building.

    GWR branch terminus.

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