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  • A Narrow Gauge Ruston for 7mm

    Francis Samish

    Issue 30 (1989)



    Francis Samish builds the excellent Wrightlines kit and ends up giving it a scratch-built chassis when the initial quickie fails.

    Tags: chassis, diesel locomotives, kits, narrow gauge, scratchbuilding

  • Papermill Industrial in 4mm

    Francis Samish

    Issue 19 (1988)



    We spotted Francis Samish's 4mm Bagnall making a brief 'guest appearance' at the 1987 IMREX exhibition and immediately had it noted as one of the nicest examples of industrial narrow gauge we had seen for some time. Francis was persuaded that some biographical details were in order - and here they are.

    Tags: industrial, narrow gauge, steam locomotives

  • Small Suppliers Forum

    Issue 80 (1995)


    Harburn Hobbies limited edition Scottish Lima class 37. Taylor Plastic Models 2mm etched gangway rubbing plates. CGW Nameplates 4mm etched class 47 nameplates. Hurst Models 'Trainsfers' royal train waterslide transfers. MJT 4mm buffer heads. Leamington & Warwick MRS badges. Knit-one-purl-one Duchesse pins. Peter Thatcher 7mm etched nameplates. Francis Samish 009 Peckett saddle tank kit.Roy C. Link insustrial narrow gauge handbook. Parkside Dundas 4mm BR 12-ton fish van, BR 16-ton mineral wagon (dia.1/109) and 7mm wagon kits. Dragon Models LNWR wagon rub-down transfers. Cottage Farm Industries executive garden studios.

    Tags: Small Suppliers Forum

  • The Planet Sweet

    Francis Samish

    Issue 53 (1992)



    Francis Samish builds an ideal beginners kit in 4mm.

    Nonneminstre Models Hibberd 'Planet' diesel-mechanical shunter whitemetal kit.

    Tags: diesel locomotives, kits, product reviews, whitemetal

  • Upgrading 'Two Bob' Cement Wagons

    Francis Samish

    Issue 59 (1992)


    The Dapol/Airfix 4mm construction kits of the distinctive 'Presflo' and 'Prestwin' cement wagons are classically suitable cases for the it-bashing treatment - cheap and cheerful, yet basically accurate examples of vehicles that would be hell to scratchbuild. Francis Samish took both on.

    Tags: kits, wagons

  • 'Beddgelert'

    Francis Samish

    Issue 78 (1995)



    Francis Samish upgrades a 4mm kit of the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railway's famous 0-6-4ST.

    Based on the Chivers Finelines body and Minitrix chassis.

    Tags: chassis, kits, narrow gauge, North Wales Narrow Gauge Railway, steam locomotives

  • 'Sunbury'

    Francis Samish

    Compendium 3 (1997)



    Francis Samish builds a tiny 4mm narrow gauge tank based on a Roxey kit.

    Tags: industrial, kits, steam locomotives

  • 'Talyllyn' in 4mm

    Francis Samish

    Issue 36 (1990)



    Francis Samish builds a 1940 version of 'Talyllin' No.1 - a loco which can still be seen today - using the new Meridian kit.

    Tags: kits, steam locomotives, Talyllyn Railway