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  • A Class 317 EMU in P4

    Jim Smith-Wright

    Issue 231 (2014)



    Striking in its Network South East livery, the class 317 made an impression on a young brummy lad. Partly admired for its ugliness, Jim Smith-Wright was inspired to build one for his developing model of Birmingham New Street which has periodically appeared in the pages of MRJ. He tells the story of its fascinating history, which at one time caused a national strike, and then describes how, using Bratchell Models kits, he built one

    Tags: EMU / Electric Multiple Units, kits, prototype

  • The Queen of Sheba

    Tim Shackleton

    Issue 121 (2000)



    Tim Shackleton builds a 1941-pattern 'Queen of Sheba' 4-SUB EMU from No Nonsense Kits 4mm kits

    Tags: EMU / Electric Multiple Units, kits