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  • A Cambrian Tailpiece

    Iain Rice

    Issue 57 (1992)


    Iain Rice caves into yet another weakness and builds a 4mm model of No.10, a Cambrian charmer.

    Scratchbuilt Cambrian brake van

    Tags: brake vans, Cambrian Railway, plasticard / styrene, pre-grouping, scratchbuilding

  • An Update on Llanfair

    Roger Lycett-Smith

    Issue 242 (2015)



    Roger Lycett-Smith has kindly sent in a few recent pictures of his EM gauge Cambrian Railways Llanfair terminus which, despite being squeezed into a tiny space, even incorporates two private sidings serving a quarry and a mill. Since it was last featured he has replaced the station building with a more authentic design.

    Tags: Cambrian Railway, GWR / Great Western Railway, layouts

  • Ponthafren Change for Llanfair

    Roger Lycett-Smith

    Issue 154 (2004)



    Within the confines of a tiny 8ft bedroom, Roger Lycett-Smith brilliantly recaptures the atmosphere of the old Cambrian Railway after it had become the GWR's Central Wales Division.

    Tags: Cambrian Railway, GWR / Great Western Railway, layouts

  • Tafolog

    Michael Lloyd

    Issue 3 (1985)



    Inspired by Llangynog, the terminus of the erstwhile Tanat Valley Light Railway, Mike Lloyd's 7mm finescale layout represents Cambrian Railway practice around 1908. Mike first became acquainted with the TVLR in 1949 whilst employed as a forest worker near Lake Vyrnwy and, although he never travelled on the line, the beauty of the Tanat Valley and the rather ramshackle corrugated iron buildings at the stations impressed themselves upon his memory. When, in the late 1960s, the search was on for a suitable Cambrian prototype upon which to base an '0' gauge layout, The Tanat Valley branch resurrected itself in Mike's mind and Tafalog was born. In his own words Mike describes the rationale behind this unusually realistic 7mm scale layout, and the methods adopted in its construction.

    Cambrian/Taff Vale Light Railway

    Tags: Cambrian Railway, layouts, light railways, pre-grouping

  • Three Welsh Wagons

    Paul Tasker

    Issue 239 (2015)



    Paul Tasker looks at three 4mm scale Welsh railway kits from Dragon Models. He found they are not the best on the market and guides us through the improvements,

    Cambrian Railways 13-ton single-verandah goods brake van. Rhymney Railway 6-ton 13ft 5¾in goods brake van. Brecon & Merthyr Railway 2-plank open wagon.

    Tags: B&MR / BMR / Brecon & Merthyr Railway, brake vans, Cambrian Railway, kits, product reviews, Rhymney Railway, wagons

  • Trestle Bridges, Cambrian Style

    Roger Lycett-Smith

    Issue 57 (1992)



    The Cambrian Railway's cheapskate timber bridges and viaducts, similar in style and design to many used by other companies, make a simple and effective 4mm model. Roger Lycett-Smith, who is slowly tracking down all existing examples, tells you how.

    Tags: bridges, Cambrian Railway, scratchbuilding

  • [Drawing: Cambrian brake van]

    Issue 62 (1993)


    Tags: brake vans, Cambrian Railway, drawings / plans